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Rising above

I have been recently divorced, my ex cheated me out of my share and took my signatures when i was under mental duress. He not only threatened my new partner with death threats but he also made my life a hell and after all this I found out the reason behind this is his dad's cousin sister with whom he was having an affair and is now married to her. My ex neglects our son too. I just feel hurt and used at times. at times there is rage in me that want to hurt this man whom i was married for 26 years. He didnt treat me well in those years but now he is giving all things in the world to this woman. Why did he do this to me when he didnt want me.


Re: Rising above

Hi Nima


That sounds like a really rough experience. I can't imagine how difficult that is.


Is there anyone you can talk to, such as family or friends? For some people, just being able to tell someone about how you're feeling can help immensely.

If you don't feel comfortable talking to a family member or a friend, you can give Lifeline a call on 13 11 14. They're very helpful and can give you advice on where to go from here.


Just a quick FYI that is primarily focused on young people up to around 25 years old. Although you are quite welcome here, some of our articles and other resources may not be entirely relevant.


Please come back and let us know how you get on.