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Sad about the elections.

I am not going to say who i voted for but i am really sad about how the elections turned out. the liberal party has just been doing nothing for the last 3 years and it is so frustrating i dont care if they are in power per say but i just wish they would actually get some work done for a change and i was hoping if there was a change in government we might actually have some things start happening. now it is another 3 years of probably nothing again and i feel like we dont have that much time to hang around and do nothing particularly with things like climate change and living affordability. i am very frustrated. how are the young people supposed to look positively to their future when everything around them and all the adults in politics are in a huge mess...... Smiley Sad   

Re: Sad about the elections.

@Eden1717 same... 

I was really hoping someone would fix the NDIS or.. y'know.. actually do something about climate change.

The good news I guess is that a lot of independents are trying to get progress in terms of energy, and there may be a hung parliament, meaning the government may be forced to listen to them.

Fingers crossed... 

Re: Sad about the elections.

One other bit of good news actually, there are lots of simple things that can be done independently of government that can help with climate and environment. 

There's some great research into ecology and biodiversity going on, and rewilding projects are gaining movement. Like how backyards can be turned into wildlife corridors. 

I'd personally like to see a campaign to start building houses with lighter roofs. It seems really basic but the heat absorbed by dark roofs has a warming affect, and it's such an easy thing to change when houses are being built. 

Basically, there's some stuff we can do while we're waiting for parliament to get its stuff sorted.

Re: Sad about the elections.

@Tiny_leaf  thanks for showing me this thread! 


@Eden1717 I too feel utterly disappointed in Australia right now. Again I agree, if liberals stood up and did something against climate change then I would have no problem with them running the country but unfortunately they refuse to do so. 


I have no advice as I am terrified of what this outcome means for my future, but I am also just simply looking for support. I do as much as I can to look after the environment that I live in and it breaks my heart that these politicians running the country won't do the same. 

Re: Sad about the elections.

Hi @lr8991, @Tiny_leaf and @Eden1717

In the wake of the election, we are seeing so many young people talking what the outcome means for them, and the feelings that arise particularly around climate change. ReachOut has a few articles that might be able to give you some suggestions around how to cope with some of the really difficult feelings the election outcome has raised, as well as some ways that you can still contribute to making a change. This article on climate change has some steps you can take to make a difference and ensure your voice is heard. We also have an article about coping with bad world news. I would love to hear your thoughts- how have you been coping with the news? What recommendations do you have to other young people who might be upset about the election outcome?


This is a topic I am seeing come up in all of my social circles too, and I found talking with my friends really helpful and hearing how they are coping. One thing that really gives me hope is that young people all over Australia are speaking out and are talking about how this election has impacted them. Keep sharing your thoughts here, we will always be around to support you- we are in this together Heart

Re: Sad about the elections.

ready to move to new zealand right now. sick of inaction on climate change and practially the same people governing over and over *cough* cis straight white old men we need a freaking change!!! 

Re: Sad about the elections.

Hi everyone!

Although I'm not that into politics, a lot of people I know are angry or sad about the outcome of the election. It can be really frustrating when we feel that our voices aren't being heard.

I really hope that the government focuses on improving public transport because I feel that it would be better for the climate rather than encouraging a lot of cars on the road. I think this is more of a concern of the younger generation rather than politicians and older Australians.

Re: Sad about the elections.

@rainbowpotato firstly, you have a brilliant user name, I love it.


Secondly, I'm 100% with you on the New Zealand thing. Maybe we can at least borrow their PM? Smiley Tongue

But yeah.. I'm really hating this whole "economics vs morality" view on climate change.. I mean, it's going to affect the economy anyway.. and a planet that we don't need life support on's a pretty useful resource...  but I'm also tired of people being so damn proud of choosing money over morality or responsibility; like not caring about anyone or anything else is some kind of personal achievement.. 

Re: Sad about the elections.

Honestly I’m happy with how the elections turned out

Re: Sad about the elections.

@Mrstweety5482 is there anything specifically you're happy about?

It'd probably be good to have a few positives to think about..


I'm personally not thrilled about the result, I was hoping for more climate change prevention and improved social services, which aren't really this government's priority....


[edit] Also because politics can be kinda divisive I just want to clarify that it's a genuine question, not me trying to argue a point/ attack your opinion.