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Scared I have an ED

I'm worried I might have an ED, and I don't know what to do. I can't tell my parents or psychologist or they'll stop helping me with my social anxieties and focus on that because it's more life threatening, and I need help on the other stuff. Plus, it makes me embarrassed to think I might be anorexic. The only issue is that my plan would be to wait and seek treatment after I leave home, but by the time that happens I would've had it for 6 years (I suspect I may have had it for 2-3 already) and after doing some research I have found that waiting that long would mean that I have essentially no chance of recovery. I might not even have one, but this doesn't seem like a disorder where diagnoses isn't obvious, what should I do?

Re: Scared I have an ED

Hi @Blurryphaced,


I want to start by saying how proud we are that you have come online to speak to us about this, particularly when you have felt like you can't talk to your family. Posting takes so much courage, and we are humbled that you feel like this is a safe community to have this conversation with Heart


It sounds like you might be thinking about seeking support, but are worried about how other people might react to you talking about eating disorders, is this right? 


Have you had a look at the butterfly foundation website before? 


Re: Scared I have an ED

Tell someone the sooner the better I didn't tell anyone for 13-14 years and it has ruined my life I honestly didn't realize until recently how much it affected everything else as well things that I wouldn't have expected it to affect. If you are worried about them stopping support for other things tell them that as well but if they are good then they shouldn't ignore other things.