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Scared for School

So I know this is pretty ironic since I posted a similar thing at the start of the holidays about being scared for them, but this is different. I love learning, assignments, hw etc, but the social side of school is petrifying. I've spent most of my holidays inside, avoiding all interaction and flaking out on plans, but now i actually have to go out and communicate with people and it just makes me feel sick. I know no one likes going back to school, but I'm terrified and it's consuming me. 


Re: Scared for School

Hi @Blurryphaced

It sucks that you're feeling so scared about going back to school. It can be really overwhelming to be thrown back into a socially demanding situation! Could you tell me a little more about your situation? It sounds like you have some friends, do they go to the same school as you? 

Re: Scared for School

Hey @Blurryphaced

I was the same when I was in school - I loved the academic side of things but was terrified of the socialising. It's hard, isn't it? Smiley Sad

Is there anything that's helped you with similar situations in the past? Heart
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Re: Scared for School

Hi @Libellule thanks for your response Smiley Happy I do have a few "friends" (people who put up with me) at school although I do not have a great connection with anyone. I find socialising incredibly difficult and stressful although the root cause of that I am not quite sure of. It makes school pretty hard especially since I'm in a class full of extroverts.

Re: Scared for School

@lokifish Unfortunately not, I just try my best to force myself through it.

Re: Scared for School

I know exactly how you feel, i think every time i got out to a social event i would feel really anxious, my stomach would constrict and i would feel like i could not breathe. Sometimes it would happen when i walk through the front gates of my school or on the car ride to my friend's party. During the holidays I flaked out on plans so much that my friends started planning things without me. But the problem for me isn't that i didn't like social event or hanging out with my friends, it's that i feel really exhausted and lonely when i did. Words don't come out so easily when your an introvert it's almost like we speak a different language, it's rare that we find someone who understands us, someone we can connect with and feel comfortable with. All i can say is just to keep being yourself, it's okay to be afraid sometimes, it's okay to say no to plans because you don't feel up to it, but we have to remember that we aren't alone, that there is someone else who feels as uncomfortable as us, we just have to take things one step at a time, one conversation at a time. The more we embrace these fears the faster we can overcome them.