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School Teachers Are The Worst Kind Of People

I was a kid.

You were an adult. 

You probably though I was lazy.

Not intelligent.

A waste of time in your classes.

I understand that.

Sometimes I forgot my homework.

Sometimes I was late for my assignments.

Sometimes I was late to school.

Sometimes I didn't speak up in class.

Sometimes my outfit was messy.

Sometimes I struggled with the work.

But what you probably didn't know was that.

When I forgot my homework, it's because i was doing it in Mcdonalds because there was fighting in my home and the internet would cut out at Mcdonalds. 

I was late too my assignments because i was helping wash my brothers clothes, and after the fighting would stop I'd be so tired i would conk out and couldn't do my assignments.

I would help my depressed mom every night cook dinner.

I would try to cheer up my depressed older brother.

I would listen to my sisters complaints and when cried i'd comfort both my sister and my little brother.

I would look after my family.

I was late to school because I would wake up every day without fail and make my little brother who has autism, breakfast, get him dressed, make sure he had clean clothes, have his lunch ready and see him off to school then I would get myself ready.

I didn't speak up in class because I was being bullied severly to the point of considering suicide and attempting it at times.

My outfit was messy because I used all my time looking after everybody else in my family, my disruptive, incapable family because i didn't put myself first ever.

So when you teachers come up to me and ridicule me for my outfit, mock me for my lateness, make fun of why i didnt speak in class.

Told me i wasnt trying with my homework and Assignments. 

Well let me tell you this you know nothing NOTHING.

Funny isn't it...after Highschool i only realised then how racist, biggoted and cruel adults can be. 

Well let me tell you this people who marked me F told me I was dumb in a nicer way and thought I wouldn't ammount to anything.

I am now in university and i just got a DISTINCTION.

...Hows that for dumb?

Next time you think a kid isn't trying their best, remember you know nothing about your students.


p.s Except for that one teacher who told me one day that he believed in me, sir I don't know if you knew how much that meant to me. 

But ...i owe you...and thanks for everything.

Re: School Teachers Are The Worst Kind Of People

Hey @AStudyInHuman, that sounded like a lot to get out. I'm sorry things were so difficult for you going through school and I just want to let you know how proud I am for you getting a distinction. That's awesome!!
I'm glad you were able to prove them wrong and really do well for yourself.
But I can see that this has affected you and wondered if you have discussed to a helpline or face to face to someone before?

Re: School Teachers Are The Worst Kind Of People

@AStudyInHuman thanks for sharing. Sounds like pre-uni school was really tough for you.
Well done on proving them wrong. You've clearly got a flair for writing and determination to do well.

Re: School Teachers Are The Worst Kind Of People

Hey @AStudyInHuman and thanks for sharing your high school experiences with us. I'm glad you're able to write it all out and look back on it now. Smiley Happy

// Spiral outward, keep going. //

Re: School Teachers Are The Worst Kind Of People

Hello @AStudyInHuman,


In this world, it is not only teachers that do not understand others. Everyone is blind to other's feelings, thoughts and circumstances but their own. As such, you should let go of the bitterness you have towards people who have mistreated you because there will always be people who are unjust and unkind. Not only will you be happier for letting go, but those people are not worth a grain of salt for you to even waste energy thinking about.


You sound like a great person who is caring, someone who possesses a unique kind of sacrificial love for your family. I admire that. Also, you have really made me open my eyes that i too, am perhaps too hasty in judging people before i get to know them. Thank you for sharing that with us because you inspire me to go out there and ask for everyone's story so that there will be one less miserable and misunderstood person out there.


Congratulations on the distinction. You are right, grades do not define how intelligent you are or your potential. Just because you get an F one time does not mean you are incapable of ever getting an A. You sound like you have a bright future ahead, keep proving those people who ever doubted you wrong so that one day they will regret ever looking down on you.


Winter Rain