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School + advice...

Hi everyone


So school starts up again soon and im starting year 12. I am a worrier and have the slightest bit of depression. Last year i spent the whole year feeling crap and stressed about everything! even if it didnt matter i still stressed about it. it definetly tore me down mentally... so this year i want to be more positive and happier.

even when i remind myself that it is okay and there is life after school no matter what happens i cant help but feel a little stressed from time to time. Does anyone have any mantras or advice that could help me?

Thanks xx

Re: School + advice...



Hey i know how you feel, I was the biggest worrier in year 12. Before every SAC, before every practice exam, before every oral presentation I was stressing out and worrying. It started off being unhealthy stress for me as i was losing sleep and wasn't performing as well as i should have.


My teachers encouraged us to channel our stress through exercise, meditation and encouraged us to partake in extracurricular activities. As much as year 12 is about working towards the exams and getting the right scores for uni, you still need to find the time to do the things you like, this will help give you some balance and potentially lessen the stress.


Here's a few factsheets thst you might find useful Not So Epic FailWhat is Self-talk?


Don't fret, year 12 isn't too bad

sometimes it rains, sometimes it shines, this is how flowers grow

Re: School + advice...

Hey @012EmC 

I can completely relate to the nerves you feel about starting school again. Beginning year 12 was quite stressful for me too.

You're probably worried about how you'll perform, whether you'll get the grades you need etc.

Right now, it's probably best if you focus on relaxation and coping strategies that will help you manage those nerves and worries.

Try these factsheets:

Coping with stress

Self-talk and self-awareness


It seems like you've tried to have a very positive attitude about this year, reminding yourself there is life after year 12. That's so true! 

Just remember that you can only do your very best. Don't worry about how you measure up against other people, just focus on challenging yourself. 

Also, no matter what the outcome, you still take a step closer to where you want to be. Many people I know weren't satisfied with how they performed during year 12, but the following year, they worked harder at TAFE/uni/work and progressed further towards their dreams.  Smiley Happy

Re: School + advice...

Hey @012EmC - my number one tip would be to stay in touch with us throughout the year! Talk to us when you feel stressed or depressed.

But I would also definitely suggest you try these apps and tools:

We'll be here for you - all year!! Smiley Happy

Online Community Manager

Re: School + advice...

Hey @012EmC  it's great to hear that you want to start on a positive note! There's alot of helpful information in the earlier posts. My advice is quite basic lol


-Take care of your body. Don't let your sleeping pattern getting too out of control, eat healthy and get some exercise because these simple things will affect your mood. When your body is feeling great it minimises the chance of negative thoughts.


-Prepare and do your best in all your assessment tasks. I didn't always get the highest marks but I was satisfied as long as I knew I did my best. 


-Don't worry about what other people think and compare yourself to others. Just be on your game. Everything you're doing is for yourself! 


-Enjoy the rollercoaster! From start to finish, highs and lows because it'll be over very quick and you won't be in year 12 again. 



Re: School + advice...

Hi @012EmC 


It shows what a positive beginning this school year is already having that you're reaching out and asking for support and advice. That's so awesome of you!


Being able to say 'I need some help' or 'I'm not doing great today' can really make a difference to how the year goes.


And as Sophie says, keep checking in and leaning on the community when you need it. You'll also find there will be lots of opportunitites for you to provide support to others too. Amazing how good that can make you feel. Smiley Happy

Re: School + advice...

Thank you everyone for the advice! i really appreciate it Smiley Happy

Re: School + advice...

Always welcome @012EmC Smiley Happy