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School and mental illness

I'm three weeks away from finishing the school year, I'm in year ten, I had to repeat because last year I was too depressed to do much work and now this year, it's been the same, too depressed and then getting too stressed about being depressed and fearing that I'm going to fail. Over the last few days I've been studying and studying to complete all the work I've missed and haven't done and now today I found out that it's probably all for nothing because my principal and teachers think that I'm going to kill myself due to expressing myself through art. 

They have said that they don't want me to continue my education because I'm a danger to myself. I have emailed my school time and time again saying that I have no plans to off myself and that my art is just art but they won't listen. 

I do distance education and I guess I can see why they would do such a thing, I mean of course they don't want the death of somebody on their hands when they could have prevented it but they aren't preventing it. They're just preventing my education.


I've only ever shown my mentality in my art. Art helps me feel and express what I physically can't and now I feel like I'm stuck in a freezer like fry on futurama.


I can't help but think that maybe if I faked my art like everything else I fake then maybe this wouldn't be happening.


I feel like absolute crap and now I don't really know what to do...

Re: School and mental illness

@Icantbreathe It doesn't sound like your school is being supportive towards you gaining an education at the moment =(

From what you have just posted, it seems like you've found a great way to cope and get through your "mentality" through your art.

I'm wondering if you have been in touch with the school counsellor, they would definately have an understanding of the pressure you're feeling, and what your art means to you?

Re: School and mental illness

Hi @Icantbreathe,

Would you, or perhaps an adult on your behalf, be able to speak to them about whether there's any compromise or conditions that can be made to allow you to continue your education?
I ask because early on in high school I had a similar deal, where a school that I wanted to enrol in told me that they'd only do so if I went to get professional help.

Or alternatively, are there any options aside from distance education for you to complete school?

Re: School and mental illness

I highly doubt the other schools in my area are going to accept me back for I previously attended them before I started Distance Ed, not to mention I found being in a classroom too suffocating and distracting. My parents are going to call them on Monday to discuss it all out but apparently I have to appeal to the principal before they can fully decide whether I can continue or not. I just find this whole thing quite ridiculous, I already receive professional help and I've explained to them already that I'm not a danger to myself but I guess they've already made up their minds. I'll see how it all goes down, I still have a lot of work to do before the end of the school year, after that it's in their hands. 

Re: School and mental illness

How are you doing today @Icantbreathe?

Re: School and mental illness

Hey @Icantbreathe. Like @N1ghtW1ng, I'm just wondering how you're doing at the moment?

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