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Self Harm TW

I self harm, and I want to tell my psychologist, but my parents can't know. Will they tell my parents? Or only if I'm in real danger?


Re: Self Harm TW

Hey @Blurryphaced!

I'm sorry to hear that you SH Smiley Sad , I understand your worry about your parents knowing - I was in a very similar position to you just 2 weeks ago Smiley Sad 

I told my psych over email just after my last session with her, my next session is on Thursday and I'm quite nervous. I was very, very anxious that she would tell my parents but she understood that telling them would only make things worse and she was very understanding and lovely about it Smiley Happy . I believe they have a 'Duty of Care' to report to your parents if you are at risk of suicide (like you said Smiley Happy )but most places don't/aren't allowed to tell the parents.

I'm not sure how it is in different states but that's what it is in QLD...

I hope this helped a bit Smiley Happy 



Re: Self Harm TW

Hi @Blurryphaced,


Talking about self harm can be really hard, but also a really important step to seeking support Heart Starting that conversation here and taking that first step is so brave Heart


It sounds like you are thinking about talking to your psychologist about self harm, is this right? Have you spoken to any professionals about this before?


@annabethxchase has mentioned duty of care/mandatory reporting requirements in QLD around what a mental health professional can disclose and not disclose to family. Would it be helpful to have a look mandatory reporting and privacy laws in your local state?


I am also going to link a few resources about self harm here, including one about self-help for self harm and seeking support Heart


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Re: Self Harm TW

Thank you for your help @annabethxchase and @Jess1-RO 💕 I don't live in QLD, but after doing some research I think it's the same where I live. It's a little hard to know though as it depends on what my psychologist determining whether she thinks I'm in danger or not. I know that when I told her about my suicidal thoughts she was very understanding that I didn't want my parents knowing, and only told them that things were worse than she thought and that I needed more support, rather than being specific about what I was thinking. I think Ill try telling her and explaining why I don't want my parents knowing, and hopefully she'll understand. 



Re: Self Harm TW

@Blurryphaced That sounds like a good idea, she sounds really understanding and like she has your best interests at heart.  It's so brave of you to want to open up to your psych about your SH, i'm so proud of you and really admire you courage Heart I hope it goes well for you xx Let us know how it goes if you're up for it Heart We're always here for you Heart 

We had a live chat on Accessing Mental Health Support Online! Smiley Very Happy Check it out here! Heart