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Self harm (TW)

I'm so stupid. I hadn't self harmed for two weeks but today was awful and I couldn't stop myself. It feels like whenever things become stable and I am slowly climbing out of the dark hole I live in, I slip and fall right down to the bottom again. I still have two weeks till I see my counsellor and I have no one to reach out to. I don't know how I'm going to survive.

Re: Self harm (TW)

Hey @Blurryphaced, it sounds like today has been a rough day. We are so glad that you have shared all of this with us as it isn't easy Smiley Happy I wanted to say that two weeks without SH is really amazing and there is no reason why this can't happen again. What helped you through that two weeks? Have you mentioned ways of managing the gaps between sessions to your counsellor? We have services here plus eHeadspace which are often used in between appointments. These services are there to offer crisis support when you are at a high level of distress or thinking of harm yourself Heart

Re: Self harm (TW)

Hi @Blurryphaced
I'm really sorry to hear you've been going through this Smiley Sad
Recovery can be an up and down situation, it isn't usually a straight line. The weeks that you haven't SH is a really amazing achievement.
@Taylor-RO mentioned some really good resources, do you think that they might be helpful to you? Do you have a self-care plan when you start having thoughts of SH?
Here for you Heart