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Self harm addiction

I can't seem to stop [self-harming] and I promised mum I wouldn't and I'm always alone and I don't know how to stop this behaviour, help me please?

Re: Self harm addiction

Hey @coveredinscars welcome to the forums. I just wanted to let you know that you are not alone and there are ways to get help with stopping self-harm. In the short term, distraction is a great strategy. Find someone that makes you feels better like going for a walk, writing, painting, calling a friend or taking a bath. Some users on Reach Out have shared their safety box strategy which they fill with writing or art supplies, reasons not to self-harm written on paper, soft toys or anything that will remind you why you don't want to do this. Another good option is calling a counselling service like Kids Helpline (1800 55 1800) or using their webchat when you feel the urge to harm.


Have you spoken to a doctor or seen a counsellor about your self-harm? Seeing a GP is a good first step in developing a support network and creating new habits.


[Also I just had to edit your post a tiny bit as some words can be triggering for others who are struggling with self-harm. I hope you understand!]



Re: Self harm addiction

Hey @coveredinscars 


It is great that you are trying to stop but its important to do it for yourself and not for anyone else. If you feel like you cant stop then you wont, it is all about your mindset and if you feel you can and want to stop for yourself then you feel more motivated to try to stop. 


Its also important to not beat yourself down if you dont stop cold turkey, take your time and 1 step at a time and 1 day at a time and coming on here is a great step forward. I have faith in you and ElleBelle has given you some tips to help.


We are here to support you through this 


Take care and stay strong Smiley Happy

**Believe in the power of you because you are your own hero**

Re: Self harm addiction

Hi @coveredinscars .

Sorry to hear you're struggling with self harm. I don't have any great advice as such, but I can share my experiences and hopefully that be of some use. I used to struggle with a self harm addiction which went on for 7 years of me stopping and starting. Then last June I made the decision that I didn't want to continue as it wasn't really helping me and was also impacting those close to me who knew about it. Avoiding going back to it was difficult because for ages it had been a fallback coping option. But I found other ways to deal with my emotions like ripping up paper, watching a movie, listening to music, focusing on my breathing, writing, getting a hug or even going for a short walk. I've now reached 6 months without it, which has felt like ages, but is also feeling like a good achievement. Yesterday I bought myself some Lego as a reward. I also got help from a psychologist- sometimes talking about what was going on in my life and getting tips of coping strategies from them was really helpful.

Are there any things that help you to relax or deal with negative/unpleasant emotions or thoughts? Or would seeing a psychologist/counsellor be something you'd consider?
It's not always easy to push past an addiction, but it's all about finding something which helps that doesn't replace it but rather is a healthier way of releasing feelings.


I hope things get easier for you and let us know how you go.

Re: Self harm addiction

Hi @coveredinscars,

Firstly, thank you for posting, and welcome to ReachOut!

It seems like that you are going through a lot. The amazing thing is that you recognise what you are doing, and the impact it is having on you and your mum that you mentioned. I believe to decrease the amount of times that you self-harm, you need a plan to guide you through the process. I think you need to find your own positive way to distract yourself when you feel like self-harming. Breathing exercises, singing, dancing, writing, scrapbooking, cooking, exercise, drawing, talking to a professional etc, whatever works best for you in a positive manner, I reckon you should give them a go.

If you’re not already, I reckon you should try and speak with someone professionally, which may be difficult initially, but I reckon you should try and give them a go, eg; Headspace.

I’ve attached a few links that I believe you may get something out of;

Keep posting on the forums.

Re: Self harm addiction

Hey @coveredinscars how has your week been so far?