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Self harm?

***possible trigger warning***

so I've recently had a bit of a relapse and I think my mental health has taken a definite decline... does anyone have any tips to get over this kind of thing? to try and stop? xx

Re: Self harm?

Hey @Romanoff, thanks for your post, and I'm sorry that you are not feeling the best right now.


Are you currently seeing a professional about these issues? I definitely believe one-on-one support would be a very good way of getting tailored help for self-harm.


Please don't beat yourself up - having a relapse is a normal part of recovery.


I'm sorry I can't be more helpful for you right now - we are here for you! Heart

Please keep us updated Smiley Happy

Re: Self harm?

Hey @Romanoff thanks for posting. In what way has it taken a hit? What sort of emotions/thoughts are going through your head? We definitely can help you with some strategies just hoping for a bit more info Smiley Happy


We're always here to listen and support you, as well as link you in to services where appropriate.


I am guessing Self Harm is on your mind. Can you stay safe tonight? 

Re: Self harm?

hi @Romanoff and welcome im gald youve reached out to us here

i second what the others have said. i think getting some professional mh support by speaking to your gp, school/uni counsellor, family or trusted teacher would be a really good start. 

**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**

Re: Self harm?

Well i find that to stop me from self harm is i wear a elastic rubberband on my wrist and everytime i get the urge to self harm i just flick the rubber band a few times. Even if that doesnt work wait fifteen minutes when u have and urge to self harm then wait another fifteen minutes and the urge should past. Just distractions are great.