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Severe headaches, antidepressants and psychologists

I have been having terrible, terrible headaches for three weeks now.  So much so that they completely incapacitated me when they first set it.  Had to nap for a week there after.  It was almost impossible to go to uni, but I had to as everything in my course is damn compulsary.  I did skip my physics lectures for two weeks though (it was the only thing I could!!)

Well I went to a GP about it after a week because they were so bad and interfering with my everyday living.  I was taking way more iburofen in one sitting then you're supposed to and it didn't do a thing.

After a thorough examination I was told that it was probably a muscular/tension headache.  Which I think I pretty much knew deep down.  Had a blood test.  Results were a bit had them repeated and was told to come back after another week if they hadn't gone away.

Hmmm...try two weeks later.  I really was hoping they would go away!  I mentioned it to my psych a week ago and she told me it was probably stress/anxiety related.  Which yeah...I knew that deep down.

Decided to go to the GP again, even though I knew he wouldn't really be able to tell me anything. 

'Have you been stressed?’
‘Haha…have I?  I’m a uni student of course I’ve been stressed!’

Anyway…that led to him telling me I should consider the counseling service.  Hmmm…done, you can tick that off the list.  Which then led to talk of anti depressants. 

Okay this one was a huge curve ball for me.  I did not see that coming at all.  I told him no, I don’t think I need them…but then really if I think about it I’ve been carrying around a lot of baggage for years and while I thought I was coping then, I wasn’t.  Which was what led me to seeing the psych when I started uni this year. 

Uni was my breaking point.  Too much had happened and I just couldn’t find the energy to handle my move from my family and friends, studying again (been 8 years since I actually had to memorize anything from a book), finding myself alone and wondering am I really doing this?  Am I starting from scratch, throwing out everything I’ve done and know to go completely left of field and start in the health industry?

Moving and starting again has been the BEST thing I have ever done for myself.  But along with that has come a load of stress and anxiety that’s been getting better and worse the whole way along. 

A few weeks ago I had a situation with a family member that took me completely by surprise.  I was in hysterics and it sent me into a pretty deep downward spiral of depression and anxiety.  [edited by Admin]


Well I’m glad to say that I’ve past that, but it was awful and I was pretty brutal with myself.  I slammed the pavement and my behavior was pretty damn reckless.

So…anti depressants.  Nope I don’t need ‘em! 

I have another blood test to check everything is a-ok, as some of the results have been a bit erratic and I have to give taking pain killers a good solid shot before I reconsider this.  But the GP said I shouldn’t throw the idea out the window. 

It will be interesting to hear what my psychologist has to say about this.  Speaking of my psych...I posted on here over a week ago with something that was really on my mind.  Whole fact that relationships freak me out.  (the post if you're interested)

I managed to find the courage to e-mail her about it.  Pretty much saying what I said in that post.  But I haven't heard from her yet.  Yes it's been a week, but it's so unlike her.  She responds so promptly and quickly, even to just say,,,I've read it and I will reply when I have more time.  I just don't know, she's missed an e-mail from me before, realised and brought it up in my next session.  So I'm just wondering if it hasn't gotten to her or she hasn't seen it.  Because I know she wouldn't just ignore me...she's said that before.

Too much for me to think about tonight.  Hmmm...anyone here on antidepressants.  How have they helped you?

Re: Severe headaches, antidepressants and psychologists

Hey _sagira. And fellow giraffe avatar Smiley Very Happy

Sorry to hear about your headaches - that sounds completely intense and quite an obstacle with your studies and life in general. Have you checked the factsheets on stress? (

I know you meditate - is this helping at all?

I don't have any experience with anti-depressants but it sounds like you're doing the best thing by talking to both your GP and your psych.

I jumped over & read your post on relationships. I really loved this part:

"There is also the notion that I don't want to have to find someone who makes me feel whole. I want to make me feel whole and then when I'm there, if I do happen to meet someone.."

You are wise! This all ties into focusing on looking after yourself - which is sounds like you're making some strides towards!

I hope you here from your psych soon, let us know. You make some awesome posts here I know your sharing really helps others too, so cheers!

Re: Severe headaches, antidepressants and psychologists

Smiley Happy I am a fan of the giraffe!

I had a look at the fact sheets, I knew about most of the things listed, it was still a good read.

Hmmm...yeah I'm still meditating but I kind of stopped doing it as often. I don't know why, I was in a routine of doing it everyday. I know I need to get back on top of it again, as the benefits far outweigh not doing it.

Thanks for the reply and kind words. Lifted my spirits a little!

Re: Severe headaches, antidepressants and psychologists

I find whenever I'm stressed I slip from meditating. I have an alarm and when it goes off it just irritates me! Ironic because I prob *really* need to meditate.

(BTW I removed a little from yr post that might have been a bit too graphic description wise. I would have sent you a PM but that's not set up yet with the new forums. Sorry/hope you understand. Thanks!)

I'm looking forward to some other people's input!

Re: Severe headaches, antidepressants and psychologists

Yeah that makes a lot of sense. It's like the ego telling you you don't need it...when it's probably the most important time to engage. I'm not a fan of my alarm either. But it is set to one of my fave songs so that helps a lot.

(no problem about the edit. I would have fixed it myself had I realised. I was on a writing spree and not dwelling too much on the content side of things)

Re: Severe headaches, antidepressants and psychologists

Hey Sagira, how you doing tonight? I see a psychologist sometimes, but I haven't taken anti-depressants before, so I am afraid I can't give you much insight there. 


With the other issue about relationships - maybe your psych is just waiting until you catch up in person to discuss it. I wouldn't sweat on it - but I can see that it must feel a little weird to have mustered up the courage to tell her and then now get a response.





Re: Severe headaches, antidepressants and psychologists

Tonight I'm feeling pretty relaxed and comfortable. Spent my day on the beach, doing yoga and napping. So really, no complaints there!

Hmmm...yeah I think I just generally feel weird about it. Even though I'm sitting in a good place with it all.

Thanks for checking in. Smiley Happy