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Skipped my session

Hey guys

So today I was supposed to see my school counsellor but I totally freaked out.

I ended up skipping the session and afterwards she saw me and my friend at lunch and talked to me about it. She's not as bad as I thought I guess..I patted her dogs hehehe :3 (she has dogs she brings into school that she owns to help people relax)

But I'm so angry I skipped my session, I didn't end up self harming last night but I have everything ready to do it tonight I don't know if I will or not though. Time will tell and if it's meant to happen it will I guess...

Also,I think my stomach is shrinking because I ate a meal today and it gave me terrible cramps and it wasn't overly large I had to stop this bad? It happened last night and the night before as well..I also feel dizzy and light headed.

Re: Skipped my session

Hey @Pillow -  it's good that you got to chat to your counsellor at lunch. Did it make you feel more comfortable about making another appointment, seeing her out of the "official" setting? It's pretty cool that she is allowed to bring dogs to school, that would defs make me feel more relaxed!


Try not to beat yourself up about missing an appointment. It's in the past. You didn't self-harm even though you felt down on yourself and that's a really positive step. Time isn't the one who decides if you self-harm, that's totally up to you and you've been really strong! Seriously, 150 days is a fantastic achievement and I know you can keep going!


Feeling dizzy and light-headed isn't good. Have you had enough water? If it continues on, definitely check in with your GP.


PS> Tonight's Infobus is on self-injury. Would love to see you there, I think you have some great insights to contribute!


Re: Skipped my session

Hey @Pillow ,

Just wanted to check in and see how you're going? Did you get a chance to drop in on the Infobus that was on last night? Ellebelle was totally right - the only thing that decides about self harm is you - and you've been amazingly strong.
Don't worry too much about missing your session - it's in the past now.




Re: Skipped my session

Hey @Pillow 

Thank you for sharing your experience with us, i hope we can help ease your worries! Is there a reason why you skipped the counselling session, maybe if you address the reason why you skipped it it will help you avoid doing it again?

Your counselor seems like a friendly and understanding person so if you hav any issues try telling her about them it'll save you bottling them up. I think it's pretty awesome she brings her dogs to school sounds like fun. 

Try not to be angry with yourself or punish yourself, that is in your past now just look forward to your future and making it what you want it to be.  You should be very proud of yourself for not self harming and being strong everytime you feel you want to just try to take yourself back to that place of strength.

Maybe you should see a doctor just to make sure your health problems are nothing serious so you don't freak yourself out for nothing.


Wishing you all the best stay strong.  



Re: Skipped my session



It might be worth going through in your head, what are the positive things that can happen if you do go to see your the school councillor?


If your worried about what's going to happen during the councilling session, you might find it worthwhile to remind yourself abou the positive things that could come out of talking to a professional. 


You'll probably find that the positives are going to outweigh the negatives.


With regards to your stomach, I cant offer any accurate reason as to why that would be happening. However, there might be an issue that you may not have been aware of such as a food allergy. It might be worthwhile seeing a GP if this continues. Although it could simply be related to stressors or anxious feelings, and seeing your school councillor might help you work through this issue.


Take a deep breath next time you have a session, just relax and remind yourself you're just going in for a chat Smiley Happy


Re: Skipped my session

Hey @Pillow 


I used to be like that back when I first seeing a counsellor. I missed my first 3 or 4 sessions purely because I was so scared. But in the end I just went and after that it was okay. I ended up having a great relationship with them and I have zero regrets. 
But you just gotta get over that first hump. 

There's always next week to try again Smiley Happy


Also, the guys above have really covered everything I wanted to say, especially in regards to feeling ill/dizzy.


Hope it goes well for you.

You're doing well (: