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Hey again RO,


I've been thinking about this for the past few hours and whether or not I should post it. I don't know why.
It's currently 1:31am on 11/09. I don't have any internet connection at my dads so this'll be on forums on like monday.


sorry this is going to have heaps of mistakes in it as my keyboard is being dumb (spilt coke over it) and I can't be bothered turning on the part of my brain that spells stuff properly.


But anway, I've had trouble sleeping all my life I reckon. I will go to bed at about 9ish, close my eyes and just lay there. I lay there for hours and nothing happens.
Sometimes it's actually ok and i can fall asleep within an hour, but not very often.
Other times it'll be about 2:00am before I can sleep and then i'll keep randomly waking up or my brothers friken dog will start barking at nothing again.


But just lately, within the last like, 5 or 6 months, it's been getting worse. I've been having nightmares and even not sleeing at all. Then I have to get up at 7 for school, get to nans and do homework for an hour, talk to friends for an hour and go home.
So I'm usually stuffed. And no matter how tired I am, still can't sleep properly. Sometimes I'll even be so tired that I miss the bus for school in the morning.


I don't know what the nightmares are about sometimes, but they'tr horrible. There is 2 or 3 that I've had more than 3 times. one is where I'm walking along a sand dune at the beach.
The water is SUPER high and really rough and the water keeps coming in and going out really far. Then we all fall to where the water is coming up and everyone freaks out and climbs back to safety.
Then there's me. I cant walk and my vision is blurry and everything is so heavy. I have to drag myself closer to everyone bt the waves keep coming and scaring the shit out of me. THey're coming but they never actually hit me. I'm just lying there on the sand sared shitless.
That's usually when I wake up.
Another one is always similar but never the same. It's with a person on a boat. I don't know this person either. And I just fall off into the water with the sharks.
It's just horrible.


But thats not bad compared to the last week.
About MOnday night, I hardly sleep well at all. I woke up every 30 minutes and took ages to get back to sleep. Then I had school that day, Which I had swimming (in the ocean (yes it was cold as hell)) so I was exhausted.
Then the next night, I had the same. Just more nightmares and kept waking up.
The there was Wednesday night...
It was about 3:00am and I was so damn tired and I couldn't sleep. Then the weirdest thing in the entire world happened. I was just sitting on my bed with the light on and staring at my wall across from me.
(Please don't judge) Then literly, some guy just appeared on top of me out of no where. He had no facial features and was just lying on top of me (Like a pushup pose, so not touching me) and staring right into me.
Then the most fucked up thing in my entire life happened; He just shrunk. Right in front of me. Just into nothing and onto my bed.
I really don't know how to explain this, but I got up and freaked out, (stepped on and broke my damn external hard drive) and for some reason, believed so hard that it was real.
I started to shake off my blankets and started looking for him everywhere saying to myself, "no no no no no no fuck please no oh my god no where did he go holy shit mum is going to kill me for this".
After bout 5 minutes of whiping down my bed and shaking the blankets, I started lookig on the floor and down the side of the bed for him. Obviously didn't find him though.
It was probably about 15 minutes before I put everything back where it was and saud to myself "I'll look for him when I wake up. Fuck I hope no one realizes that he's missing"
When I got up a few hours later I looked again but still couldn't find him. It took me until about 8:30am, when I was on my bus on the way to school, to realize that it wasn't real. and that no one can shrink.


I told my best mate about this and he kinda just joked about it. I also told my girlfriend about it over facebook and she told me stuff like its normal and I just need some good sleep.
Thing is though, I can't sleep properly. especially after that o.O


But yeah, Thursday night, didn't sleep either. The Friday was horrible during school. Math was 3rd and 4th period and I didn't do any work and almost fell asleep. When the teacher told me to do something, I just got so angry at her. I had to tell her my book was in my locker and needed to get it so I didn't throw something at her.
The English, My favoutite class (Friken awesome teacher) was for the last 2 periods and we finished our book, To kill A Mocking bird, and started the movie. I fell asleep during the last hour of that. (Not the first time. I fell asleep last term during a crap English movie. And a few weeks ago in Science through a crap docco. and no one woke me up either Smiley Mad )
Then last night, Don't think I went to sleep until around 2 then.


Pretty much this is messing me up. It's actually really starting to agitate me too. I've got to do some catchup work this week since I fell asleep during last period or was too tired to do it.
I've legit got like no energy and I don't know how much longer I can keep this up for. I'm pretty sure something bad happens when you don't sleep for ages.


Does anyone else here have this sort of trouble? Or gone through it? I want to know what I can do because yeah, I want sleep and I aint getting it.

Mum got me some sleeping pill things once. THey were natural ones so they were supposed to make you wake up fresh and go to sleep early and stuff. But hell friken nah, never again. I had the most messed up dreams ever and I woke up every few minutes and it was horrible.


Thanks in advance if anyone can help.




Re: Sleeping

Whoa, that hallucination sounds really scary @RandomName. Sometimes when I'm drifting off to sleep and I'm in that stage between full on sleep and being awake (or if I wake up from a dream, but not fully), I lose track of what's real and what's a dream. There's also a thing called Sleep Paralysis, where people sometimes feel like someone is sitting on their chest and it can be a bit panicky and hard to breathe. So it might have been one of those two things or just an effect of your brain being over-tired, but either way it's a frightening experience and I encourage you to speak to your doc or a counsellor about it.


Have you read through the Getting Real session we had a while ago on good Sleep Hygiene? There are also a few fact sheets on the main website. You're not alone in having difficulty sleeping, and there are some techniques to try that may work for you. It's hard to function without proper sleep, and can lead to falling asleep in inappropriate places - like the middle of English class! If you think it's going to cause you grief at school. I suggest chatting with your favourite teacher or the school counsellor so they know you're having trouble sleeping and it's not just that you're really bored by the class!


Re: Sleeping

Thanks for the fast reply. Smiley Happy

I get that a lot now. Losing track of what's real and what's not.
How often does it happen to you though?
Honestly, I'm not the type of person that likes to talk face-to-face about stuff like this. Especially when my mum will most likely find about it. I don't need her to worry Smiley Wink

Nah I didn't see that one. I'll download the pages in a sec.

My math teacher did try to talk to me about it but I don't trust her tbh. And I'm gunna ride up to town later today and get my English teacher some TimTams as an apology.. and because he's so awesome.

Thanks for the support <3

Re: Sleeping

It's doesn't happen to me that often tbh @RandomName, maybe once a month. But it's probably not too helpful to compare, because everyone's situation is different. A doc would really be the best person to let you know if this is "normal" or not. There's not too many ways to get out of seeing one face-to-face, but you can bring someone you trust with you for moral support if it makes you feel more comfortable.


You bought your English teacher Tim-Tams? That's awesome! What a lovely thing to do Smiley Happy


Re: Sleeping

Hi @RandomName
I wanted to check in on you and see how you were doing! 

How's the situation now? 


Re: Sleeping


Thankyou. Well it's definitely not been better in the last week. I badly hurt my thumb on Thursday or Wednesday and it's been very difficult to sleep without it hurting (gotta keep changing positions).

GOing to see a doctor this Wednesday hopefully with regarding both situations Smiley Wink

Re: Sleeping

Hey @RandomName I'm sorry to hear that you've been having trouble with sleep lately. That hallucination definitely sounds scary, and not being able to sleep because of your thumb sounds pretty stressful too.


I just want to say that it's awesome that you're going to chat to your doctor about sleeping and your thumb! Please let us know how the appt goes - thinking of you.


Re: Sleeping

@khaleesi_18 & @missep

Just visited the doc about 3 hours ago and he gave me a prescription for antibiotics to my thumb. He said if the swelling doesn't go away and I don't get feeling back in it in 3 days, come back for an xray.

And I talked to him about the sleeping thing and he went through a sleeping order with me. Saying my sleeping pattern was out of order. pretty much gotta have some water and a decent meal and head to sleep at 9 for a whole week and see how it turns out and go back to let him know. Gunna try that as of tonight. Smiley Happy

Re: Sleeping

Hey @RandomName did you end up going to bed at 9 last night? How did it go?


Re: Sleeping

I tried but didn't fall asleep until past 1:00am Smiley Indifferent

Gunna take another shot at it again tonight Smiley Happy