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Social Anxiety & Birthdays

So I have been invited to a birthday dinner for one of the people I go to school with, and I don't know what to do. People are telling me I need to go because it's her birthday and I should be doing it for her because she's my friend, but the thing about having a low self esteem is that I don't believe she would really care or want me there anyway. I HATE social outings with a passion and am t e r r I f I e d of going. Plus, it's an added thing I need to worry about in that I have dietary requirements and NOTHING they serve at the restaurant their going to can even be altered for me to eat. I don't know what to do, Im stuck in a spiral of not wanting to go, feeling guilty, and then wondering why I feel guilty because she won't care. 

Re: Social Anxiety & Birthdays

@Blurryphaced I hate when that happens..


The way I look at those situations is that there are two possibilities: 

•either she doesn't care that much, so she won't be hurt by you not being there

•or she really does care, and even though she wants you there she doesn't want to cause you stress, so she'll be understanding about you being unable to go


I guess it's one of those "those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind" situations.. 

Re: Social Anxiety & Birthdays

@Tiny_leaf thank you for your response, I found it really reassuring. Sometimes all you need is someone to give their opinion to make you feel more secure about your own. It's also always nice when someone takes the time to help and respond Smiley Happy