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Some advice please


This is really strange for me to write for a bunch of people that I don't know but I don't really have anyone else. So I was wondering if anyone could offer some advice..


So basically my best and only friend is currently being hospitalised for depression and for attempting. I've been saying to everyone "I'm fine" "I'm really all good" because I have to. because I don't deserve to feel sad considering what her parents are going through. But since she left I just feel so incredibly alone like I don't have any one to talk to. You know when people say they are alone, well I'm actually alone. No one else knows about her and I don't have any other friends. I just wish I had someone to rely on, you know someone who cared about me back. I just seem to constantly mess everything up and I don't know why. I used to have it all together and now I just don't. 


I don't know, that probably sounds really stupid. But if anyone had advice I'd love to hear it. 



Re: Some advice please

Welcome to RO @Sparky4647 and thank you for your sharing what's going on for you at the moment. Rather than sounding stupid, it sounds like you care deeply about your best friend and are experiencing a sense of loss or even grief, which is exactly appropriate for what's happened.


I'll tag a few online members for you @scared01 @FootyFan26 @Nightruner23 @Poppy14 as they might have some words of advice and support  Heart


Re: Some advice please

@Sparky4647 im glad you sre reaching out snd telling us how you feel you don't have to say tou are ok you can tell people how you feel i know its hard i do it at tafe i talk to people how i feel it's ok to feel alone when someone you care is in hospital stay strong for her snd look after yourself. We are to help you and if you need help just message us we are hear to listen ❤

Re: Some advice please

hi @Sparky4647 and welcome to RO. well done for reaching out as it can be really daunting. 


that sounds like a rough place to be in right now and can understand how you would be feeling. as Erin has said it sounds like your grieving for your friend- beleive it or not it doesnt have to be related to death its really about missing someone your close to and then being separated. 

its ok to not be ok, and i dont think you sound stupid at all. it can be hard being alone both physically and mentally so im glad you have found us here to help you along. 


do you have a trusted family member, or school teacher/lecturer that you could talk to? i think you need a little bit of support. could you possible approach your family like mum/dad/ sibling and let them know your really worried about your friend and missing her alot? sometimes even being able to talk about it with others in person can help. 

would you consider talking to school/uni counsellor? knowing all this is happening as well as her past is really scary and you shouldnt have to go it alone ok 

im more than happy to keep talking, i also have experience with hospitals and also an attempt so if your worried about whats happening behind the scenes at the hospital i can give you abit of my experience and maybe thatll ease your fears too


please keep talking we are here for you Heart

**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**

Re: Some advice please

Hey @Sparky4647, thanks for your post, and I'm really sorry you're feeling this way Smiley Sad


Like @Erin-RO and @scared01 have already said, this feeling is not stupid at all - in fact it is normal to have some sort of grief when something like this happens. It sounds like you are a very caring friend. Are you currently able to spend time with your friend in hospital? I recognise that this could also be very confronting, so I'm wondering what you are doing to take care of yourself during this difficult time? Heart


Please keep us updated, we're here for you.