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Somebody help me...



I'm new to this, and i wanted to give it a try. I've been really depressed for years but really good at hiding it. Don't get me wrong i have some good days but I literally have no one to talk to because when i try to get help everyone just hits me with the same old stupid saying "Everything's going to be ok".


I have a few friends but they barely feel like friends either. I'm the one who has to start all the conversations otherwise we wouldn't talk. My best friend of 12 years even blows me off sometimes and i have no clue why. It's hard,y'know. I'm always checking up on everyone, making sure everything is okay, making people smile and laugh but where is everyone when i need them?


Don't even get me started on family. They're just somebody who i happen to be related to, and they basically make everything about themselves. My family is stuffed up on a whole nother level. I just won't go into too much right now.


I also find school pretty hard. I never go to school, i'm always jigging to be honest, and i know i should be getting an education but year 11 is so hard! I can't stand to be in school the whole 6 hours. It's stressful and tiring. Then i have work, things are good i guess at work. 


I have depression but no one knows, there's just so much that cause it. Like Family,Friends,School,My weight etc. I also want to know something.


How do you know if you have anxiety?


I've looked up the signs on google and everything i experience comes up, but you can't always believe what the internet says right?


SO that'd be really helpful if someone could tell me that x 




Re: Somebody help me...

Have you thought about going to your GP about how your feeling. If your depressed and anxious it's a good starting point to get help and they can refer you to people like psychologists and other professionals
There is also headspace which is another place to start.
And there's kiss helpline and eheadspace that have phone and online counselling if seeing someone is too hard right now.

From what you've said you sound pretty strong. Are there any strategies that you use to help when your feeling depressed or anxious
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Re: Somebody help me...

Hey @YourName , Welcome to RO.

I understand what you're going through. I'm currently just a year below you actually.

I'd recommend you try to talk to someone at Headspace, or maybe even go to the wellbeing office at school. But if that's a bit too confronting for you, be sure to check out the eHeadspace like @redhead mentioned.

Make sure you let us know how you're feeling soon.