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Re: Sometimes...

I'd like to give an update, @moonwalk.  I always feel so much more comfy expressing myself. I'm feeling uber grateful for having been able to share my feelings through this impromptu poem on RO. It was awesome actually. It made it feel very personable. Though I do look forward to connecting with my long-time friend, I'm confident about what I want and where I want to be. I think it will be a positive & fun interaction either way.


So, just signing off and saying Thanks for your thoughtful viewpoints, and I appreciate your replies. You make me want to be a better person. And that's what friends do for each other! so again, Thanks for being you! Smiley Happy


Have a wonderful week!



Re: Sometimes...

Thanks for the update @saucydankish! I'm so happy to hear posting the poem became such a positive experience for you! Please remember that any time you'd like to chat, RO will be here to listen and offer our support.Smiley Happy

Re: Sometimes...

Make every day count, @saucydankish