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Songs give me mixed emotions

These days I have been binge listening to sad/slow songs more on the depressed side. Does anyone go through that or is that just me being weird? 

Re: Songs give me mixed emotions

Hey @gittypoo, welcome to ReachOut! Smiley Happy


I think you raise a very interesting point about the emotional impact of music. There is a lot of research about how different songs impact people's emotions and general wellbeing in many different ways, and different people react to the same music differently!


I don't think it's weird to listen to sad or slow songs, and it's something I do sometimes as well. How do you feel after listening to these songs? Heart


Hope to see you around the forums Smiley Happy

Re: Songs give me mixed emotions

Hi @gittypoo !
Welcome to RO Smiley Happy
I definitely have gone through phases like this!
Otherwise has the music been affected you or your mood has drawn you to this kind of music?
I agree with @mrmusic , music can have a big emotional impact!

Re: Songs give me mixed emotions

Hey @gittypoo, How are you doing?


I was just wondering if there was a particular reason you were listening to that type of music. Although there's nothing weird about that at all. You can't help the sort of music you're feeling. I often find sad music helps me just to think more clearly. It may just be good to be sure the music isn't making you feel bad if it is.

Let us know, always here to talk. Smiley Happy