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Sport injury sadness

Been injured for 8 months now and I am finally getting back to running and playing sport again. Sometimes it is hard to stay positive, and I want to give up. I feel like i never talk about how I feel enough out loud. I feel like my friends don't care and don't realise that i've been struggling, like they don't care or remember i'm injured


I'm scared that once I get better that I'll relapse and then I will have to sit out longer and I will just never get better, almost like I'm scared to get better because it could all go wrong again. 

Re: Sport injury sadness

Hey @mollyten, sorry to hear you've been struggling with injuries and I can hear how hard they are to recover from, and be confident that the injury won't keep reoccurring.

Can I ask what the injury is if it's sports related and what sports you participate in?

I've done a lot of study in sport so I'm keen to understand what's going on.

Have you tried talking to your friends about your injuries?

Have you tried talking to anyone about the fear of re-doing the injury?

From what I undertsand having confidence in your rehabilitation is important for developing confidence in your body.


Re: Sport injury sadness

Hey @mollyten and welcome to RO Smiley Happy
Have you spoken to your friends at all about how you're feeling? Talking to them about it and how you're struggling might help you find support in them.
The best way to get back into sport activities is to take it slow.

Re: Sport injury sadness

HI @loves netball


I'm suffering from patellar tendinopathy, which is an overuse injury in my right knee caused over time, I've been playing basketball and a lot of it for 8 years and it all just built up to this. Earlier in the year I had a tournament which caused the pain to start. 

I try to talk to my friends about it face to face but they seem to change the subject often or just say stuff like don't worry, which doesn't really help. I have talked to a friend about my fear of having my injury again which helped. 


I agree that I need to be more confident in my rehabilation, which I already am but I just seem to have a doubt. Like I wonder if this is really working and is it actually going to go away completely.

Re: Sport injury sadness

Hello @N1ghtW1ng

Thank you!!


I have spoken to some of my friends and I've sorta figured out which ones I can talk to and feel safe and happy about it. Which is only really one friend and I don't see them in person often at all so it's only talking on fb messenger. This helps but I'd like some support and comfort from someone i can see easily and more often. 


Yeah, it has been a slow progress just to get to where i am today, I was mismanaged by two different physios before actually finding one that helps and I am confident in.

Re: Sport injury sadness

@mollyten I'm glad you have a friend you can talk to, even if you don't see them very often, it's still good to have someone to open up to.
Do you think any of your sport coaches would be able to help you? Sometimes, they can be supportive and offer you solutions if your injury might be troubling you.
I personally know what it's like to have injuries, and they can be really difficult but it's great that you are able to reach out and find support to help you, because support is helpful in recovery. Smiley Happy

Re: Sport injury sadness


I'm not really close enough with my sport coaches to talk to them to much, though they are really supportive and inclusive.

I agree support is the best thing in recovery Smiley Happy

Re: Sport injury sadness

It's good that your sport coaches are supportive @mollyten Smiley Happy I hope things continue to improve for you. Smiley Happy

Re: Sport injury sadness

Hi @mollyten I just wanted to pop in and show some support.

I too have recently suffered injuries and know how much they can impact everything. Sept last year I fell down the front steps and shattered my right foot, and broke both ankles! Yep both! So I've learnt a lot over the last year.

It's understandable you're worried about returning to sport and reinjuring your knee. I'm curious to know what your treating dr and physio have said about your return to sport? If you've been given the all clear I'd suggest slowly rebuild your confidence up. You can also support your knee while you get back into it if you feel you need to. There are losts of different products out there which can help - my fav would be rock tape though - ask your physio. You and apply it and it stays on for about 5-7 days and can do everything even bath and shower ☺

Anyway I've gone off on a bit of a tangent and forgot where I was going, so I'll leave it here for now 🙂

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart