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Re: Stress & Anxiety around Working/Interview

Hey @Bee, first of all, a massive congratulations for getting the interview! Smiley Very Happy That is already an achievement in itself, and I hope that you can keep reminding yourself of that, regardless of the outcome.


I have to agree with what @Jess1-RO has said about organisational culture, as that's something I've come across as well. To be perfectly honest, if an employer is not going to offer a job based solely on the fact that you are on crutches, or in fact any mental health condition that you are currently experiencing, quite frankly they don't deserve your time and effort. That is a reflection of them as an employer, not of you. I know that can be hard to keep in mind, but it's something to remember.


We're always here to back you 100%, and I have confidence that you'll find a fulfilling job. Please keep us updated with how everything goes. Heart

Re: Stress & Anxiety around Working/Interview

Okay before I reply, I got an email today to ring another business to arrange an interview!!! (a little weird but I'm open to it Smiley Tongue) This other role is more bookkeeping oriented and shall be known as Job/interview#2 from now on


Thanks @unwind @Libellule @Jess1-RO I'm going to try and address the points in one hit rather than repeating or making this reply super long haha. Thank you for the encouragement and positive vides for the interviews.


@unwind yeah the crutch is tempory, I had foot surgery last August which I had to keep off my foot for 3 months!


Regarding the crutch situation, I'm leaning towards trying without it but I'm unsure like I managed to walk up the street a bit to get my cat tonight without the crutch, which is probably 100 meters down the road, so would have been about 200m without the crutch (I know so much Smiley LOL (Prior to that, I had driven down to the supermarket and back, and taken groceries inside before getting the cat) and after getting home I noticed I was kind of sore, but not quite sore enough to take pain relief, so I'm not sure how far to push my foot right now...

I can't ask my family for help with interview prep, I once asked my friend and it strained the relationship because she couldn't understand why I froze up even answering the questions in front of her!

I wouldn't necessarily bring up the fears I have in the interview, but I came up with a really good question for the employer from a previous job interview which was something about what the protocol is if an employer had to attend appointments which would only be scheduled during business hours. But that was for a full-time role, whereas these jobs I have interviews for are part-time.


I'm not really sure what I could do to boost my mood. Normally I'm focusing on keeping my anxiety levels low as if they are too high I can't cope and freeze. I think ultimately being employed will help me long term.



Jess, I'm sorry to hear you went through something similar! Heart hugs. I think I'm better driving myself as there's not really anyone around me who would be helpful in the stress and anxiety of it all, but I'm glad you had someone to help you out. That is a really good point about the organisational culture, I haven't really focused on that much at all, there was maybe one place and it only came out because the employer was like this is our culture and we need someone who can work in it, and I was turned off by it straight away. The only downside to assessing whether the organisational culture is right for me, is that if I get the job and I turn it down because of the culture of the workplace I can end up with my income support being penalised by the government with the new system they have in place, as it would fall under "not meeting my obligations"


My reaction to your last paragraph! 

You're so sweet! Heart

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: Stress & Anxiety around Working/Interview

Gah I didn't see your post @mrmusic (purely because I hadn't reloaded the page in over an hour clearly!)

Thank you for your kind words! Heart
I do tend to agree that if they can't see beyond the imperfections of an applicant it's their loss!

I will absolutely keep you all updated! Smiley Happy

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: Stress

Hey everyone,

Thank you to everyone who responded it means a lot Heart

Today I had the second interview and am due to find out early next week if
I'm successful.

Yesterdays interview went well and I was able to get through it and feel
confident about it.

Today's interview went well, I was able to engage with the interviewers,
but I felt like my responses were inadequate. I feel like I didn't show the
best part of me, that part that would be an asset, instead I feel like I
came across as lost and unsure of my career path. I feel like I didn't
exert confidence that I can do the job. I felt overwhelmed as I left the

I still feel overwhelmed. I want to cry but aren't quite able to cry. I
feel low now. My mood and energy has just crashed and ledt me.

I'm worried about what to do if I get an offer from either place. I have
some worries about each job and I guess it cones down to my confidence. My
confident self would say that yes I can do these things, I AM capable. And
on an everyday level I can do both of these jobs. They both have a learning
aspect (like any new job) and I can do that.

Job #1 positives
- close to home, I can walk when foot gets better
- I feel confident in the daily tasks (despite not fully knowing all the
procedures and it being a new role)
- small to medium team
- straight forward business

Job #2 positives
- small team, closely working together
- job variety in that you help out your colleague with phones etc
- they seem like amazing people and excellent role models to work under and
learn from

Writting out those positives helped, but I'm still feeling low. I might
have a nap and see how I feel.
(Email reply)

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: Stress

Hey @Bee,

I'm glad your interviews went well! Those are some excellent positives to both jobs, hopefully all goes well and you hear from them next week Smiley Happy

Interviews can be tough and sometimes it can feel like we didn't do enough to "sell ourselves" to the interviewers. It's hard to know what the interviewers are looking for or what they think about our answers, I'm sure that you did an excellent job!
It's okay to feel overwhelmed afterwards, interviews are tough and you have done an amazing job getting through two interviews (including organising them!) in one week. Are you feel any better now? Could you do some colouring or other self-care to help with the low feelings?

You ARE capable and you can do these jobs Smiley Happy Do you know which place you'd prefer?


I am finishing with ReachOut this week, say good-bye here. I'll miss you all!

Re: Stress

Hey @Bee, I still think it's amazing that you got and went to both interviews and I think that regardless of how they turn out, each interview brings really valuable and helpful experience!!

I totally understand how you feel with not always feeling like you showed your best self in an interview. I think because of the pressure of the situation, and because it's quite a small time frame, it can sometimes feel like there's a lot riding on it. I think it's definitely really hard to show someone 100% of who you are in a situation like that, and I'm sure you did a fantastic job with the time that was given <3

But I think another part is that it's really easy to keep thinking about the interview after it happened, and waiting to see how it went can bring on another type of anxiety, too. I remember when I did my last job interview, I had to wait 2.5 weeks to see if I got the job. And every time I played the interview over in my head, I convinced myself that I did worse and worse every time. By the time the 2.5 weeks was up, I was convinced I wouldn't get the job, but I did! So I'd bear that in mind when reflecting on how you went, because I think waiting for the outcome can also be a really tricky bit to get through, and it's easy to think back on situations and think about all the things you could have said. But it's unlikely that the employer will be as critical as we can often be on ourselves. Smiley Happy Good luck and please let us know how it goes!!

Re: Stress & Anxiety around Working/Interview

@Jay-RO @basketofmonkeys thank you both

I do but I don't. Over in 3 positives of today as I wrote it I was feeling okay, but then it just came flooding back after I hit send ~shrugs~ I'll find a new page to colour soon and colour that to try and distract my mind. If it's still plaguing me after tea I'll log into KHL and have a chat Smiley Happy
There are pros of each workplace and I don't fully know which one I prefer. I might talk to KHL or a friend or journal to figure it out later.

The whole interview process is nuts! I liked the way the business did it yesterday, that process of having the questions on paper and responding that way and then talking face to face is so much better for my anxiety than the traditional face to face, lets as you a question and you verbally respond.
The wait is always a struggle BOM!

My plan is to try and block this out for the rest of today and I'll see what happens.
My current worry is though Job #1 should get back to me this week and Job #2 early next week.
What happens by some stroke of a miracle I get offered both jobs!?
Do I let job #1 know that I am also waiting for another job interview result if they ring and offer me tomorrow!? What do I even do!? I don't know how to do this...

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: Stress & Anxiety around Working/Interview

Result regarding job interview #1 = Unsuccessful.
I got hopeful last night when I missed a call from them at 8.30pm. I missed the cut off time to return the call so had to ring this morning. And the manager told me I was unsuccessful. She did, however, stress that I interviewed well and I just wasn't what they were looking for. Part of me wonders now if it was because I said I only wanted part-time (yet they advertised as part-time), or because I disclosed my foot injury and mental health in that question on the paperwork, which probably wasn't a good idea? Idk

I find out about the other job early next week, but I'm not hopeful I'll get it, just because when I had the opportunity to really sell myself I didn't I focused too much on other irrelevant stuff, and then paused, stopped. ugh.

My plan is to just do a lot of self-care this weekend, and I'll address the feels and thoughts about going back to work later, in a new thread when I'm ready

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: Stress & Anxiety around Working/Interview

@ Bee Congratulations for the job 😁 I hope you have an amazing experience at work ❤ 

Re: Stress & Anxiety around Working/Interview

Hey @Bee I'm sorry to hear that you were unsuccessful in applying for your first job Smiley Sad. How's your self-care weekend going? I think it's awesome that you still had the courage to do some self-care after being notified of the rejection. I hope you get the second one though! Sending hugs <3
Hope is just around the corner; you think it's not there when you first look straight ahead, but it actually is when you turn around