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Stress & Anxiety around Working/Interview

Hey guys,


So I'm needing a bit of peer support this week. I have a busy week ahead, dentist, interview, Doctors, and physio appointment!


I'm quite anxious about my interview and I have all of these worries about my foot and stuff.

At the moment there are about 3 pairs of shoes I can currently wear at this point in my foot recovery. 2 are sneakers and 1 is a pair of open toe blue sandals. Usually, I'd opt for my ballet style with the strap across the midfoot, but they aren't the best and offer no support for my poor foot so they are out of the question entirely. 

I also have the dilemma of whether to strap my foot and ankle in an ankle brace for support and ditch the second crutch or use the crutch and ditch strapping. I'm not quite confident in my balance and strength to ditch the crutch fully but I feel like it'd reflect negatively in a job interview (especially with my previous experience with an employer around disability) 


And with that comes all the interview anxiety I usually face and I'm so scared I'm going to screw it up. And I have all these fears and worries that they will turn out like the employer I had in 2017! I really need a job, and I want to be working, there are just SO MANY FEARS and WORRIES around it all! 

I don't even want to think about prepping for the interview because I'm scared I'll screw it up!


I've had a chat with KHL and while that helped a little, it wasn't enough. I know this is a long-term thing I need to keep working on and I was with my previous employment consultant before she left, but now I'm in limbo because I want to change people as I don't feel comfortable with the person I have (as she's a school peer!) And I know a lot of my struggle with interviews is that I have low self-esteem and struggle to "sell" myself or even let the interviewers see who I am as a person.


And (my last point for this post) I have wondered if I'm even ready to go back to work. Sure I gave myself about 3 weeks after the incident with the employer in 2017 to get myself together and grieve, but I don't think I ever fully got over it. And I honestly don't know if I can cope going back to work, but I want to! I want to move forward with my life and eventually get to the point I can move out of home! But it's all so scary and painful.


I know I've said a lot, so thank you for reading through it all Smiley Happy

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: Stress & Anxiety around Working/Interview

hey @Bee

could you strap your foot and use crutches ? surely it’s understandable, most people do end up with injuries. put yourself first Heart


with incident that happened at your last job, are you worried whatever it is, is going to happen again ? is there anyway of preventing it ?


so ive never been interviewed, so ill leave it up to the others to give you advice ! but i believe in you and i know you can do this !!!! Heart

Re: Stress & Anxiety around Working/Interview

@litgym thanks for replying Smiley Happy

I could strap my ankle and use the crutch (I'm down to just one now), but I'm scared that the employer will see that and not take my application seriously. Unfortunately, I know too well how quick people are to dismiss an application just because of an injury or condition. And I know that fear comes from my last employer. I really don't want to rehash the details, just because I am feeling kinda vulnerable and easily upset tonight, but here is the thread from back then.


The likelihood of what happened with that employer is slim to none, but it's a possibility that the boss is rough like that one, and there is the possibility the heads are not supportive of mental health conditions. But in saying that, this role is part-time, which makes it a lot easier to schedule my mental health appointments outside of work (if I get the role)

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: Stress & Anxiety around Working/Interview

Hey @Bee, it seems like you're in a pretty tricky situation! I was first wondering whether it is a requirement of the job you're applying for to be physically able to move around without crutches? Because if not, then your employer should not reject your application based on your current physical condition. Another thing you might consider during your interview is to sell yourself such that you can say along the lines of "despite my injury, I am more than capable of doing this job". That way, it shows to your potential employer that you are a true hard worker and willing to give anything a go despite your injury.

I'm sorry to hear about your treatment with your previous employer around disability Smiley Sad. Technically, (correct me if I wrong) it's illegal for employers should NEVER mistreat employees because of their disability. As such, it's unlikely that your future employers will be like your previous employer.

Job interviews can be really daunting and so the fact that you've managed to reach this stage is a massive achievement. Good luck with everything going on for you this week. It sounds like one heck of a week!
Hope is just around the corner; you think it's not there when you first look straight ahead, but it actually is when you turn around

Re: Stress & Anxiety around Working/Interview

if it is okay for you, could you just strap it ? that way if it’s just a “sprained ankle” or something @Bee 

yeah there are people out there unfortunately who don’t get mental health issues or pretend it’s nothing Smiley Sad but the job sounds great since you can still fit in all your appts!

Re: Stress & Anxiety around Working/Interview

@Esperanza67 yeah it's a tricky situation for sure. I don't know. It is mixed sales and admin, possibly more sales, and I know the yard is HUGE! I don't know a whole heap about the role yet so that's another hurdle.
That is a good point! I'll have a think about that and try to remember it for the interview!

Yeah, it is illegal, it comes under the discrimination clause, but there was no way to prove or confirm that was a reason. I've since learnt that the business owner is one of those people who will blame their mistakes on their employees and expect them to cop it. He has a mixed reputation in town which I've since discovered through friends', job agency consultant, and business owners in interviews.

Thanks. I'm planning on taking it day by day. But by Far Wednesday will be the hardest - which is the Job Interview!

@litgym it will depend solely on how my foot and ankle feel that day, the annoying part is the interview is before I see my physio... Yeah, that's why I'm so excited but so nervous about it! It's perfect hours for me!

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: Stress & Anxiety around Working/Interview

Hey @Bee


Regarding the foot brace/crutch situation, I think that you should opt for using the crutch. If you don't feel confident without it, it will just add to worries on the day + it's good to be able to control what you can control, especially in a nerve-wracking environment. I don't have experience with this kind of situation, but if the interviewer asks about your crutch, I think it would be best to explain that you aren't confident enough yet, but try paint it in a positive light saying that you've improved and are going to regular physio -- it shows that you're working diligently to feel confident walking without a crutch again (I don't know much about your situation so this might be lousy advice tho haha).


And yeah, interview anxiety is terrible. I know it's hard to think about preparing for the interview, but would it help if you did it with a family member so you're not doing it alone? Preparing is much harder when you're alone because thoughts start to bubble up and it's good to have someone experienced to quash the overthought thoughts.


I know this sounds scary, and I don't know why it just popped into my head, but would you bring up the fears you have from your last employer? The interviewer may give you some insight into the company's environment regarding that, and if you see that the interviewer has a strange reaction or starts to talk to you differently, at least you found out that it wasn't going to be the right place for you before you started working there... I don't know if this is making any sense.


I don't know much about interviews and that, but to "sell yourself" to anyone, you've gotta be in a positive mindset. Is there anything you can do beforehand that will boost your mood? I know it will be hard because the upcoming interview will be such a big distraction, but I think you should set yourself some time soon to find things that make you the most happy, and do them before the interview.


It's scary now thinking about employment and the other worries you've mentioned, but do you think this will change if you're employed? Say you look 12 months into the future, you're employed, do you think you'll feel better or worse? If you think you'll feel better, fight for that and know the WHOLE TIME that what you're doing is beneficial, even though it is really tough now!


I hope something here helps, if it hasn't, just know that we're all here throughout the week to chat and support you. I'll be thinking of you this week Smiley Happy Heart

Re: Stress & Anxiety around Working/Interview

Hey @Bee congratulations on being offered a job interview! That's a huge first step! I'm sorry to hear you've had some pretty awful experiences with previous employers. A shitty working environment is just not acceptable! But, it sounds like you're really working to move on and start new which is fantastic! 


I don't really have any advice for you as I think everyone else has pretty much said everything I would! You have fair reason to be stressed, but as @unwind said, preparing yourself and trying to relax is the best thing for most people. There's a chance this won't go well but if that happens, you'll have the experience to help you next time! Good luck @Bee we're all rooting for you!! Heart

Re: Stress & Anxiety around Working/Interview

Hi @Bee
Firstly I want to say a HUGE well done on getting the interview- there is so much time and commitment that goes into completing a job application and I am so glad to hear it has paid off!

In relation to the interview- after hearing from a few other members, what are you leaning towards in relation to the crutches?

A few years ago, I went through something similar Bee- like you I had a really bad workplace experience and couldn't keep going on there. I remember walking into my first interview 2 years later, feeling very nervous- I had someone drive me there and back to keep me calm. One thing I committed to in my mind was being myself, and if the interviewers reacted negatively, then I would know that maybe that organisational culture may not be the right fit for me. As important as it is to interviewers for you to fit a role, it is equally important that you feel like the organisation will support you and fit with your values/way of working Heart

I know that whichever way you go with this decision, with the incredible dedication, hardwork and compassion that you bring to the forums, you are an asset to any team. Whichever organisation you work in will be lucky to have you- I am sure that the right organisation who is open to supporting you will see that value you bring just like all our members here see in you Heart

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Re: Stress & Anxiety around Working/Interview

How are you going @Bee? Just wanting to check in Heart