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Stress and Anxiety

I have been going through a lot lately. 


Stress from school work (im in year 11 and just not doing as well as i know i can), im putting too much pressure on myself and its causing me to stress overly and have panic attacks. 


I went to the doctor to just talk about stress, anxiety and depression and I ended up having all these tests done on my heart and then a blood test because she thinks there could be something else wrong and now that has me worrying like crazy and my brain just cannot focus anymore. 


To make matters worse, I am in a bit of a tough spot (once again) with my best friend and it sucks but there isn't really anything I can do and I don't even know what has caused it. 


I don't know how much more I can take of all this happening. Its starting to really affect me,  I wear clear nail polish and I pretty much have to repaint them everyday because I pick it off without even realising what I am doing and Im losing my appetite due to the stress I just forget to eat. I feel constantly tired and exhausted and I just want it to end. 


Please, can I have some advice and for those going through a similar situation, I would love to hear from you about things that might help you when you are stressing.


love youngster96

Re: Stress and Anxiety

Hey Youngster,
Year 11 can be tough. It can be annoying when we know we can be doing better than what we currently are. Unfortunately this is one of the things that can happen during our senior years of high school. It sucks, really it does, esp when we just don't know where to start!

I'm a bit of a stress head myself, I stress about everything. This is actually more true than I realise or want to admit but anyway...
When I'm stress I try to take mintue or two or maybe 5... to take some time out and reasses the situation, is it as hard as I'm currently thinking? Is there a simpler way of doing this?
Most of the time I will find that there is a simpler way and I've just over complicated it and then stressed because I think it's so much more complex than what I think...

Try to break things down, do you have a whiteboard or a notice board? I have a whiteboard that sits on my desk, I found that if I write "Science homework" under my lable 'homework' I stress out more than if I write "Science - DP1 WS6" (Dot Point 1 Work Schedule 6). this can build up and there may seen like a huge list of things you've got to do but try to keep them simple.
I've got my whiteboard slightly organised into 6 spaces, "To Do's", "homework", "assessments/assignments", "study", "remember".
This helps me to remember and visualise how much work I have to do, and if you can put deadlines on them aswell, with my assessments and assignments my clostest due date is This Friday and my furest away is october... (but they aren't in order). If you can try to organise it from more important to least important, or just write them down as you think of them or get them and just number them 1 to whatever with 1 being more important (I should actually use these tips more often...). Another thing I've found, If I write something under homework when it's an assessment, I draw an arrow to the assessment, eg for English I've written "analyse poems" under homework, which will help with my assessment so I've drawn an arrow from this to where I wrote my English assessment due date... Sometimes things will fit into more than one sub heading, so you can either rewrite them or draw arrows or colour code them, but then the hassle is finding enough different coloured whiteboard markers Smiley Tongue

Another thing, have you got a teacher mentor? At my school we have been suggested to get a mentor to help us organise our time and help cope with deadlines ect when we start year 11, (we were told when we start yr12, but some people jump in earlier mainly because they need the help - eg myself). Basically it's just a teacher you get along with who can help you organise your time more effectively and help you through the workload....

Anyway I think I've ranted enough (hopefully) useful tips here for you to try.. Or maybe I've just rambled on about nothing much in particular... Not quite sure...

I hope your Doctor can get some stuff sorted out. Take care. & let us know how things go Smiley Happy

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: Stress and Anxiety

Hey Youngster,


It sounds like going to your doctor wasn't quite the stress-relieving and reassuring experience you were hoping for. I'm really sorry to hear that. But good on you for seeking out help. While it might actually increase your stress levels while you are waiting for the test results, at least your GP is being thorough and is looking at all the possible things that may be causing your stress. I guess it is better than the doctor just saying "Oh it is just HSC stress... you will be OK" which I know some people experience.


In terms of things I do try to relieve stress, I find exercising (particularly in the morning) can really help me embrace the day with a more relaxed feeling. I also find that sometimes when I am feeling really worried or overwhelmed about everything (usually in the middle of the night), the best thing to do is sit down and write down all the worries on your mind. Get 'em out of your head and down there on paper and surprisingly it usually makes them not seem so bad. Once you write them down it also makes it somehow easier to come up with action plans to resolve them. 


You might have already checked these pages out, but there are some great suggestions for dealing with stress here:


Also you mentioned that you are losing your appetite as a result of the stress. While this is not uncommon, it can become a vicious cycle. If you are not eating properly you are likely to feel more tired and drained, and this can in turn cause more stress. So even though you mightn't feel like you need them - you really need to make sure you aren't skipping meals. 


It sounds like you could also do with a good one on one chat. If you don't feel comfortable talking to your parents about how you feel, maybe there is a counselor at school you could have a chat to? Another option is to give the Kids Help Line a call on 1800 55 1800. That are really great at helping you work through your issues. 


Let us know how you get on with the tests the doctor did. I am sure everything will be fine - but I know how hard it can be to be waiting to get medical results back. Hang in there and come on here any time you need to and tell us how you are feeling.









Re: Stress and Anxiety

Hey Guys,


Just to let you all know, if you care that is; how the tests went.


I got my blood test and I have low cholestorol (whatever that means) and my thyroid is overactive which is making my metabolism fast and lose weight, more tests needed in three months in case of thyroid disease. 


And i was also diagnosed with anxiety and depression. this hit me hard because instead of sending me to talk to someone, the doctor put me straight onto anti-depressents. 


I was completely against it because I just don't feel like they are good for me at this point. and after reading through the side effects I decided not to take them. They cause self harm and suicidal thoughts (something which once gotten rid of before after a lot of hard work, I dont want back again) and also they make you nauseas and sleepy. this pill didn't fit well with my lifestyle and the way I am.


I don't really know whats going to happen next but I just thought I would post something, thanks guys <3 youngster

Re: Stress and Anxiety

Hey youngster,

I think you need to go see your doctor again. If you don't want to be on these anti-depressants you need to speak to them and tell them. They can work through your concerns with you. Also if you want to speak to someone, you just have to tell them - doctors are not here to make life difficult, they want to make it better and easier.

Have you actually tried or discussed with a professional the medication or have you decided not to take them on your own from reading the side effects?

I was put on medication and after a little while of taking them I stopped because of side effects, the thing with side effects though is that they don't happen to everyone; the major ones you've mentioned - self harm and suicidal thoughts, are unlikely to happen. If they were likely to happen or happened in the majority of cases they wouldn't be given; they would be counter-productive. It would be like cutting of your ear in order to get rid of a migraine!

None of the other side-effects are definite either, medications have to list the side effects no matter how rare to give awareness and avoid law suits, until you've tried them, you don't know how you'll respond.

If you do respond badly/find them making life difficult you can then go back to the doctor and try a different treatment. If you react badly they aren't going to force you to continue them, if you react well then things can continue and get better. 


...and just because you didn't seem to know, low cholestoral is (typically) a good thing.


Re: Stress and Anxiety

Of course we care! I have been wondering how you got on with the tests and I am so glad you let us know how you went. 


Firstly, in terms of the results.... Low colesterol is usually a VERY good thing... So don't worry about that at all. In terms of the over-active metabolism and potential thyroid disease... My boyfriend had exactly the same diagnosis about 6 months ago after finding that he was losing weight for no reason and having heart flutters. He also had the 3 month wait for more tests. Luckily he was OK, as is apparently the case for most people, the thyroid just eventually corrected itself and after a couple of months he put on a few kilos and was back to his usual self. Fingers crossed that you get a similar result. 


The anti-depressants situation is a hard one. I suspect the doctor is really concerned about you and is just trying to help you deal with the depression with the tools at his/her disposal. But if you do feel uncomfortable about taking them, you definitely should raise your concerns. Maybe speak to your parents about it and see if they will let you go get a second opinion from another doctor. One of your parents or a family friend might also be available to go back to your original doctor with you to discuss it and see if there are any other alternatives to anti-depressants. 


I really am glad you touched base with us again - feel free to come on here any time to have a chat about the difficulties you are experiencing, and also remember that Kids Helpline are also available (1800 55 1800) for one on one chats at any time if you need to talk directly to someone.


Take care and let us know how you get on.





Re: Stress and Anxiety

Wow! My Dr suggested my seeing a psychologist before even thinking about putting me on meds, but I guess your dr has their reasons. Ask them about why they put you on that particular med and how they think it'll help you. They usually take about a month to start working as it has to build up in your system. The side effects usually go away once your system gets used to it; but if they bug you, by all means, go back and discuss it. It's possible another med may be more suitable- who knows? There are always other options.... Smiley Happy

Re: Stress and Anxiety

Not only did I make the decision not to take the medication based on discussions with a pharmacist and my doctor but also my parents and evaluating my own views. 


My parents do not want me taking them because as well as I do, they believe that I don't really need them and at this point in my life sticking me on them wouldn't benefit me in the long term. 


Having the side effect risk of dizzieness and blurry vision is not something I need when I already have vertigo and as I am a rifle shooter my vision is something that always needs to be at its best. 


Anti-depressents in some cases I have personally seen can make things worse, i know you can change but they are so addictive and the fact that you have to basically ween yourself off of them scares me to death!


I am overthinking everything but thats how my mind works. 


I am soon going to be seeing a psychologist, and going to a stress and relaxation retreat to learn how to better control my anxiety attacks, which i am looking forward too.


thanks for all the support guys, 


xx youngster

Re: Stress and Anxiety



It's funny how some doctors think that a pill will cure depression or other mental illnesses. Some of those 'medicines' pack some pretty lethal effects with severe side effects. When maybe a few counselling sessions can help much more. I thnk this it's a little old fashion when doctors just tell me what I should take. I want options. And a one option alone is not enough. Always ask what alternative therapies including medications and the like are available. I consider doctors and other professions as more advisors.  


I think it's pretty great that you're concerned about whether that's the best treatment for you. Maybe you could go to a school counsellor or a psychologist who may be able to help or if not refer you to someone who can. Or try to find some kind of service that you believe helps.


Thanks again for sharing !

Re: Stress and Anxiety

Hey Younster


It sounds like your have your parents backing you up in some aspects like medication. Would it help to talk to them about the stresses you are going through? 


I know what you mean how GPs just stick you on meds wayy too quickly. Though I have been repeatedly told that anti-depressants are not addictive. If we look at the DSM, addiction involves taking something even though the effects are no longer pleasant and we are also talking of lost of control. I do now believe anti-depressants are not addictive because one does not stop doing other things to acquire the medication. 


Hope it goes well with the psychologist appointment. An advice is be honest Smiley Happy 


Love you see continue to update us!