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Stressed out and anxious

I have been feeling really stressed out about going for my learners permit since l have already failed twice in one day. I have been having meltdowns and find it hard to control my emotions.


Could l have some advice and things that could help me thanks Smiley Happy


Re: Stressed out and anxious

Hey @galaxy_1999, thanks for reaching out! Those license tests can be so stressful. When confronting a stressful situation, breathing can be really important in keeping your nerves at bay. Have you tried any apps such as Breathe? 


It can be helpful to think too, if you fail - it's totally fine! Just keep trying until you nail it Smiley Happy


One of my favourite quotes it by Thomas Edison - “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”


Re: Stressed out and anxious

Hey @galaxy_1999, welcome to the RO community 😊

I totally understand being nervous about licence tests. I've been terrified every time I've had to do one. @Bree-RO's suggestion about breathing was something I found very helpful.

Have you tried doing online practice tests? They usually have questions from the actual test in them which I found really comforting. Do you think that might help you?

Re: Stressed out and anxious

Its Okay, I failed mine twice inone day aswell. I didnt go for them again for another year which I really regret. Just practice for them and read a manual and do the practice tests online alot! Smiley Happy  Youll get better as you go!


Re: Stressed out and anxious

Hey @galaxy_1999,


Going for your license is really tough! Driving is not easy at all. You should really pat yourself on the back for all of the work you have put in to get to this point, well done. Do you think that you need to do a few more lessons before you go for your test again, just for your confidence on the road?


@Bree-RO Has suggested an awesome app which can help you notice and control your breathing which might help you during the test when you can feel your heart starting to race a bit.


How is everything else going? Do you feel like you have support from your family and friends with your license?


Here to help, 




Re: Stressed out and anxious

Hey @galaxy_1999 Smiley Happy


I know what it's like to fail your L's - I failed four times before I got it (I even got the same question wrong four times - I'll never forget who has right of way in a uncontrolled intersection now though!). Not sure where you are but most states have practice tests online so you can test yourself before you do the actual test again! In the end it definitely doesn't matter how many times you take before you get your L's; I've been on my opens now for almost four years and failing those four times doesn't make me any less of a driver than my sister who got hers first go (actually, if you want to get into it - I'm a much better driver than her Smiley Wink ).


I found that having something to play with during my test really helped my anxiety - I remember having a mint in my mouth for my L's and my P's test. It could be something that you try (or a similar chewy lolly - Minites or Mentos might be a better idea if you like them!). Using apps like Smiling Mind to practice some mindfulness before your test might help too.


Let us know how you go! I'm sure you will be driving before you know it.




this too shall pass... (i promise).

Re: Stressed out and anxious

@galaxy_1999 So I didn't fail my L's but I have serious test aniety. Like I will feel physically sick for any type of exam, thank goodness I have worked through it. 


I think my best advice is to look at a few more practice tests first the ones online and I am pretty sure RACQ has a online L's test as well that can help you practice or see if you can get your hands on one of the learner books, I studied from that and it was a great help. 


Make sure when you do go in to sit it again, you aren't rushing that day and you have the whole day to do your test so then you will feel less anxious and can take your time. Just remember to breathe when sitting the test and re-read the questions twice as some of them try to trick you. 


Best of luck! 


Re: Stressed out and anxious


Hey there @galaxy_1999


If you are feeling anxious or stressed out, there are lots of little activities that can help support your well-being and pull you out of that tough headspace. 

You are the only one who will know what makes "you" feel good - for me, when I'm feeling really stressed I whip out the "Breathe" app by Reachout and it helps me get my breathing back which makes my whole body relax. I will also have a herbal tea or call my Mum or brother to have a chat if I can.


Explore activities that you can do that help relax and try and allow time during the day to engage in them. 

There is some great info in the link below:


It took me a few try's to pass both my learners and practical test. It is really stressful but you will get there! Make sure you look after yourself! 




Re: Stressed out and anxious


Driving tests are so hard and from personal experience, I completely understand where you're coming from!  For me personally, I like to sit and listen to my favourite songs or watch one of my favourite movies or tv shows because it really takes my mind off of things and I can relax and come back to studying being refreshed. 


Re: Stressed out and anxious

Hello @galaxy_1999,


Learners permits are a tough event that everyone eventually goes through. Rest assured you are not alone. Failing does not mean you are not intelligent, so you should not feel ashamed of yourself. Just a word of advice, if you put less pressure on yourself to succeed, then you would be less likely to have a meltdown when you think about failing. It is normal to be emotional after failures, so i suggest you talk to someone you are close to to get these negative feelings off your chest. Having someone there to support you is important in both success and failure. 


As for the preparation, i suggest putting the next test off in about a month or so so that you have time to study. A helpful website would be roadready Each time a question comes up, make a note of it (copy it down) along with the right answer. Spare at least half an hour everyday to practice and eventually you will be knowledgeable enough to pass with ease.


Additionally, you could try to highlight the rules book you are given and try to read a few pages every night before writing out a summary of the main points. After that, get someone to quiz you. You can also get someone who knows how to drive take you out on a drive and ask you the corresponding road rules at certain points. They can point out what you should do in certain areas/situations and just having an image to associate the rule with really helps.


On the day of the test, BREATHE. Make sure you have a good breakfast with plenty of fluids. Take a calming walk, stretch or meditate beforehand to calm your nerves down. Tell yourself you can do it, and do it well. Do not lose hope if you cannot, each time you get back up and try is another step closer to the finish line.


If you have any other inquiries, feel free to ask. Smiley Happy Good luck!