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Re: Struggling a little :/

Hey @queenP.
Sorry to hear that you've been feeling a bit down lately. I completely hear you.

I tend to chew on my pens and pencils, or draw on myself (which is better than sh-ing, I might add!).

I agree with the putty, that's for sure! I jus can't stand the watery slimy texture of slime for some reason.... Smiley Happy

Re: Struggling a little :/

Hi everyone, I just wanted to touch base to let you know how I am going because I know how much I appreciate it when users do this. 


Over the past week, I've been feeling a lot less depressed, which is awesome. My psychiatrist has changed my medication, and I have been seeing my psychologist really regularly, which has helped me feel a bit more hopeful about improving my wellbeing and coping with my OCD. I haven't self-harmed in over a week, and the urge to do so has almost disappeared. I have been a bit sick with the flu and a stomach bug, so my physical health is a little dodgy, but I've been eating well, getting up and dressed every day, and I haven't missed any more uni or work since I spoke to you all last. My anxiety is a little higher than my baseline, but I feel like I'm coping so much better.


I'd like to thank everyone who supported me during this really dark time. It means so much, and all of your practical strategies and advice have helped me so much. I may not be fully better yet, but I'm certainly on my way. Sending love to you all xxx

Re: Struggling a little :/

Thanks for the positive update @queenP . Posts like this give others in bad situations hope that people CAN and DO get better with the right support in place! So again, thank you. Heart Continue to keep us updated.