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Re: Struggling, need someone to talk to please

Well he should be able to, he's helped me before.


So what happened with the MH Nurse is, and I'm not trying to put anybody off, this is just my personal experience.


I've seen him twice so far, I emailed the local  hospital to see if they had anything for me and they just put me in to see him, so I thought that it was positive, it wasn't. First time was rushed because he wasn't aware of my appointment (the MH nurse I mean).


Second time he was so rude. I did a K10 test he gave me and scored a high score, 50 or something, I can't remember 100%. Then he said I'm faking my mental illnesses, despite notes from my Psychiatrist with my diagnoseses.


Then he also said I see my psychiatrist too much although my Psychiatrist agreed to see me every 2-3 weeks and is happy to do that because of my meds, side effects, symptoms, mental health, etc. and that he's the only support I have.


He said I expect too much of my Psychiatrist and don't appreciate what he's done for me, and is trying to get my Psychiatrist to hate me and not see me again.


He said he spoke to my Psychiatrist on the phone, and is trying to call my GP aswell as the Headspace Centre I went to and had a bad traumatic experience at (turns out the MH nurse used to work there).


When I told him about what happened at Headspace, he stood up for them and thought I was lying too.


I NEVER gave him permission and asked him kindly to please not contact them, and he went behind my back and is hiding stuff.


I'm worried my Psychiatrist is going to hate me after this but I hope he believes me.


I feel like my trust and privacy has been taken away and I feel hurt and betrayed, sigh.


I'll be telling my Psychiatrist and complaining @Tiny_leaf 

Re: Struggling, need someone to talk to please

@Kittcatt22 here you go, above comment

Re: Struggling, need someone to talk to please

How can I help? 

Re: Struggling, need someone to talk to please

@Kittcatt22 I'm not sure, just wanted to tag you to keep it to one thread, so you had an idea of why I'm struggling.


Thank you for asking though xx

Re: Struggling, need someone to talk to please

Hey @musicfan_xo

I am so sorry to hear that your experience with the MH nurse was so negative. I do hope your psychiatrist appointment goes alright, given you see him quite regularly, I would suggest your psychiatrist would know you far better than the MH nurse, and hopefully choose to believe you and focus on you rather than the MH nurse's remarks.


Re: Struggling, need someone to talk to please

@musicfan_xo wow... he sounds horrible...

Definitely talk to your psychiatrist about that, and it might be worth complaining to the hospital.

I'm sure you won't be the only one who he's been like that with...

Re: Struggling, need someone to talk to please

hey @musicfan_xo 

that is so unprofessional and extremely disrespectful of the MH nurse. he should know better and at least have some empathy. he doesn't know what you're going through personally. that makes me so angry Smiley Mad 

like @Tiny_leaf said, i think that you should definitely speak up about it, it's probable that he's been like that with others as well (not to disregard you of course Smiley Happy)

I hope you're ok today. 

You've probably heard it a billion times before, but its a stressful time, and that can take an extra toll on you. I know it has for me, and probably many others. 

i hope things get a lot better for you, and know that we're always here to support you when you need it Smiley Happy

love and hugs, 

blobby Smiley Happy

Re: Struggling, need someone to talk to please

@blobby @Tiny_leaf @JazzInMay thanks for the kind words everyone, I appreciate it. Sorry for my slow replies though. I agree with all of you and yes I will be making a complaint.


I was supposed to see a social worker in person today because they sent me the paperwork to fill in and the address, then they call  Friday saying it's over the phone, then earlier this morning cancelling it, sigh. I hope the person isn't unwell of course but that annoyed me, I don't think I'll bother with this social worker 

Re: Struggling, need someone to talk to please

Hey @musicfan_xo , I'm so sorry to hear that you had such a disappointing experience with the MH nurse. It sounds like you have a good relationship with your psychiatrist though, and I'm sure that your psychiatrist won't hate you. 


That's frustrating that the social worker had to cancel, have they rescheduled the appointment for you? It sounds like you've been really proactive in looking for the right supports for you, I know that can take a lot of energy  - good on you for continuing to reach out like that even if it's not always easy. 


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Re: Struggling, need someone to talk to please

Hi @Janine-RO , thank you. Yes my psychiatrist is supportive so I'll tell him on Wednesday when i see him.


No they didn't reschedule,  the social worker. I don't think I'll bother with them. I hope the social worker is ok, I know these things happen but I'm just frustrated because I was let down. I'm trying to be understanding though but it was all very last minute which is a bit unprofessional (like on Friday when they called to tell me its over the phone)