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Re: Struggling 😢

Hey @Agenderandproudofit thats good to hear you're better now, I'm sorry your relationships aren't great Smiley Sad I hope you've found the posts from other users on this thread comforting, we're all here for you.  Are you thinking about reaching out to you psychologist/psychiatrist for an appointment? 

Re: Struggling 😢

Hey @Agenderandproudofit , it sounds pretty tough not having much support at the moment. You can always find someone who cares here. I'm also wondering if you've ever checked out Qlife at all? They offer peer support for all members of the LGBTIQ+ community, over both phone and webchat, it's a free service, you can read more about them on the link I've posted if you think it sounds like something you might be interested in giving a try. 


You sound like an amazingly strong person who's been through so much this year, we're so glad you've come to the community 


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Re: Struggling 😢

@Agenderandproudofit, I am sorry that you don't have much support.I think it might be helpful to make some friends online and find support in the forum, there might be also some peer support provided in some social media groups (like Facebook), although you might only talk online, but al least there will be support for you when you feel bad, but just be careful with the cyber fraud!