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Recently my depression and anxiety levels have been getting worse and my family deals with this stuff really badly. I also can't talk to my psych because I've been discharged and referred somewhere else. 

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@darcitrus Hey there, sorry to hear how you've been feeling; can be really full on at times feeling like no one quite understands the symptoms of anxiety and depression.


How does your family react when you bring it up? Have you got a new psych you will be going to?


The RO forums can be a really good place to get some peer support on living with depression and anxiety Smiley Happy Did you want to talk to us about what's been going on for you lately?

Re: Stuck

My parents are both really bad listeners and often don't take into account what I need and will just shove me in the direction of my psych. I have an appointment with a new psychiatist and I plan on talking to him/her. It sucks because i have no idea what my triggers are and i just feel terrible for no reason. And it just leave me constantly searching for something to help but in the end it always turns to self-harm.

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Heya @darcitrus Smiley Happy


Unfortunately parents can sometimes be pretty shit at knowing what to do in these situations Smiley Sad How far away is the appointment with your new psychiatrist? It sounds like you're wanting to change things but need some support/strategies to do so - am I right? Maybe we could try and find some alternatives to self-harming if you're feeling up for it

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Re: Stuck

Hey @darcitrus I'm sorry to hear about your depression and anxiety. It can be frustrating not knowing your triggers, it's also similar for me, do you have a psychologist or counsellor to help with these things

There's also this cool thread it has lots of coping strategies we use and you find some things that could help you not to self harm.
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Whoops, I forgot to reply.

I have been seeing my new psych and he is really nice and cool. I am feeling overall much better and there are only a few minor hiccups. metioned in a new post. 



Re: Stuck

That's wonderful, so good to hear. Take care Smiley Happy