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TW: Addiction

I’ve never told anyone this before, but I really need some help. 


Basically I think I have a porn addiction. As part of my religion I believe it’s important not to watch pornography or touch myself but I can’t help doing these things every few days. 


I reallly, really want to stop. It’s physically and emotionally painful and I’d much rather use my energy for praying or being creative instead. 


I’ve been trying to stop this since I was 11 but no luck. Please help? 

Re: TW: Addiction

Hello @Pleasehelp06 , it sounds like you have been going through a challenging time lately, so it is great that you are reaching out for support. It sounds like you are quite overwhelmed and uncertain about what to do. I am sorry to hear that you have been experiencing emotional and physical pain as a result.


Have you been able to get any professional support around this? You might find talking to a counsellor about these feelings and your concerns to be helpful as they can support you through this. Kids Helpline is a free service that offers confidential counselling to those who are going through a hard time. You can call them up to talk to a counsellor on 1800 55 1800 or they have webchat options if that suits you better Heart Hope this helps!

Re: TW: Addiction

@Pleasehelp06 this sounds like it must be really tough on you. Im sorry to hear this has been taking a toll on you emotionally and physically. I have found these resources, i hope these can help.


Re: TW: Addiction

@Sophia-RO Thanks, I see a case worker but feel too embarrassed to bring this up Smiley Sad i think I might have aged out of kids Helpline, though I have called before - I’m 23. 


@A_Friend Thank you it is tough but I blame myself and my lack of self control for it. I have downloaded the I am sober app and will definitely give that a go. 

Re: TW: Addiction

@Pleasehelp06 could it help to try to gove yourself some leancy and forgiveness? Remember quitting is really hard and can take time.

Re: TW: Addiction

Hey @Pleasehelp06 , 


It sounds like a really tricky situation - just so you know, Kids Helpline is available for young people until you're 25 so you're still fine to call them if you like Smiley Happy They also offer webchat if you'd be more comfortable with that, I can totally get why it might feel embarrassing to chat with your case worker or someone face to face about how you're feeling.


Another person who might be able to give you another perspective is a GP, do you think you'd be comfortable having a chat with them? 


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Re: TW: Addiction

Thanks @A_Friend  that’s a very kind perspective. I can try? 


@Janine-RO oh cool! I’ll definitely log onto their webchat in that case. Thank you! Idk about the gp...he’s a man so I don’t feel totally comfortable but he is nice so maybe. 

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Re: TW: Addiction

Remember forgiving yourself and being kinder to yourself will take time. I hope that the linked resources can you help through your time tough like they did for me.
I hope that you can be proud of yourself for been willing to try as i am so proud x

Re: TW: Addiction

Hi @Pleasehelp06

Thankyou so much for being so open and for sharing, you are not alone. I wanted to add on to what @A_Friend mentioned about practicing being forgiving with yourself - next time you engage in those activities could possibly just observe the thoughts that are going through your mind without judgement and possibly write them down? I have found this useful in the past for my own addictions and shame around myself as it helped having something to refer back to when I sought professional help. It was also interesting to observe my self talk, which was often very shaming and horrible - I asked myself if I would speak to a friend that way, and the answer was always no. 

Re: TW: Addiction

@GioDes To add to what you have said as well, writing thoughts down is such a great idea and can be very helpful for self-awareness about how you talk to yourself. @Pleasehelp06 I hope that you find some more helpful strategies and begin to implement them.