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Re: TW: Addiction

Hi @Pleasehelp06 I’m sorry to hear you’re struggling Smiley Sad feelings of guilt and shame are among some of the worst. it’s not your fault at all though - I learnt in a behavioural biology class at uni that porn is literally designed to rig our reward pathways by giving us sexual stimulation that we wouldn’t encounter in the natural world, which gives it addictive potential, much like drugs. It’s quite common and you’re not alone Heart


what everyone else has suggested is fantastic, however I was wondering if you have/would be comfortable talking to someone you look up to at your religious centre about this? perhaps a youth leader (if you’re Christian) or equivalent in the religion you follow? I understand it would be scary but they may be able to offer you suggestions that are more in line with your religious beliefs, and help tackle the problem from your worldview Smiley Happy