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Re: TW: Been Suffering for 5 Years

@LonelyLucifer that's fair enough, languages can be tricky.


I'm so confused at why people are judgemental about coclears, like they're just kinda there?

I do know one deaf person who grew her hair out so it covered her ears and coclears, because people had started to stare. It sucks that she had to do that, but I think it made her a lot more comfortable.


What sort of interests do you have?

Re: TW: Been Suffering for 5 Years

@Tiny_leaf ,


I'm interested in simulations (like flight sims), tactical and strategy games, NationStates, other RPing games and I still play a bit of Roblox just for the tactical games on there.  


I also enjoy watching YouTube gameplays and play some stuff on my Nintendo switch sometimes like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.


Can't say my interests align with anyone at school (that I'm aware of), I'm also totally unaware of current pop culture and instead listen to unusual genres of music. 

Re: TW: Been Suffering for 5 Years

@LonelyLucifer ooh those sound like fun. I mostly just play tetris honestly...

Do you play any online games that involve interacting with people?


Yeah I know nothing about pop culture either..

One place I've been able to meet people in a way that doesn't involve too many social skills is through volunteering, do you think that might be something you're interested in?

Re: TW: Been Suffering for 5 Years



I do have online interaction but it's just not the same. It's just text appear on a screen but I guess it helps cope.


I could definitely look into volunteering when I reach 18.

Re: TW: Been Suffering for 5 Years

@LonelyLucifer yeah I get that.


Most places I've seen will let you volunteer so long as you're over 16.