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Re: TW Blocking out everything to get by

having some lunch sounds like a good idea @mspaceK
i like the original movie best so far.
hugs, baby steps in the time hes there too
**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**

Re: TW Blocking out everything to get by

That's ok @mspaceK. I'm going to guess Victoria or South Australia?
Just a guess.
What's for lunch?

Re: TW Blocking out everything to get by

Yup - he's here and has already pissed me off. Just his presence is enough to put me in a bad mood. And he and my older sibling are talking to me in a way that sounds like when you're talking to a young primary schooler.   Like my dad was like "Heyy whats up ***, what's been happening?" In this nice voice. And I told them no i don't want to go out with them tonight, I've been asked 3 times this week about it and I've said no each time and yet I continue to be asked. And my older sibling was saying "are you sure you don't want to come" in a way like I'm some kind of kid. It's so hard to explain over chat because you cannot do the "tone of voice." Ugh. 


I had roast sweet potato and fried mushroom salad wrap for lunch and I'm finally up in my room again getting my distance. 


The first thing my dad did was crowd me in the kitchen and hug me after I said don't hug me and then he was like "i want a hug." I said too bad, a hug has to work two ways and i don't want one so you don't get one. He still hugged me though. Urgh. I seriously hate him how he just says things like "oh i wanted to.." or if he is being annoying and doing something you dont like and if you ask hin to stop he says "I'm not good at that. You know me." 


He just doesn't respect my personal boundaries and he thinks he can just do whatever he wants. Smiley Sad 


Even though he is being civil and nice I am still so mad and put on edge by his presence. I cannot forgive him for what he has done. I cannot. 


@xXLexi_Lou122Xx @scared01 @Jess1-RO 

Re: TW Blocking out everything to get by

hey @mspaceK
im not to sure what has happened between you and your day but i can relate with the on edge feelings with people. im like that with my mum just by here presence or knowing that she is coming over/me having to go over there. it can be quite tricky to manage cant it.

your lunch on the other hand sounds so yummy i wish i had those ingreidents!
**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**

Re: TW Blocking out everything to get by

Mmm... tasty!
I had ceaser salad, chicken kebabs, and a greener salad.
And for dessert, I had Icecream, cheesecake, and custard filled donuts.

I'm sorry that you feel this way. I know I'm still waiting for those emails to come through. And I have school tomorrow.

I don't like crash bandicoot...... I find it quite boring........... Minecraft is more my thing.

Can you get out of the house while your dad is here? Only as a last resort, but you know, right?

Re: TW Blocking out everything to get by

How's your movie and washing going @scared01 ? 


It is an awful feeling when people us feel this way. Smiley Sad my sibling asked me when I told my dad to get off me "why are you in a mood?" I told her I wasn't...


Welp that's an obvious lie. 

Re: TW Blocking out everything to get by

slowly getting there @mspaceK but im not feeling that well physically so im a little slower today. im watching the replay of bachelor in paradise now but will prob switch on another movie soon.

siblings can be like that sometimes, perhaps she doesnt know how to react or isnt sure why you dont like your dad. sometimes that lack of understanding can cause people to have that attitude too
**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**

Re: TW Blocking out everything to get by

I know what you mean... sometimes I just want people to get off me. And your sister could've been more gentle. Or considerate, if your feelings.

Re: TW Blocking out everything to get by

At the moment I am just hanging out in my room @xXLexi_Lou122Xx . I really like minecraft Smiley Happy i grew up with crash bandicoot since I was a child so it's a bit of a nostalgic game for me. I really like playing minecraft with people. 


It sounds like you had a very filling lunch. 


I'm thinking about maybe going for a walk today if i can be bothered and maybe the supermarket to grab some things. Gosh when I start thinking about things I need to do or should do i get this tight chest and everything begins to feel overwhelming. 


I really wish I could go to my headspace groups already - at least to have a distraction and be with people and supports instead of feeling so alone. @scared01 


I know this is hard to hear but your teachers are possibly not checking their emails on a day off or perhaps they feel like they would like to talk to you about it at school. I'm not sure. Just try to be patient. 

Re: TW Blocking out everything to get by

I know...
Except that I sent my emails yesterday after school. And normally they would say: sure, let's make a time to meet.
Or something like that. At least I can take the advice from a teacher... you!

I would play minecraft with you, but I'm not allowed to play on public servers...