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Re: TW Can't deal with my brother

Thank you @mspaceK @reach804 @Bre-RO @Taylor-RO 

It really means a lot to be taken seriously about this


@Taylor-RO I don't think I asked for that specifically, I was sorta hoping it'd be treated the same as other limits of confidentiality where it gets reported whether I like it or not.

It's definitely something I'll do if he gets physically abusive again though. 


@Bre-RO not great honestly... my anxiety and depression have apparently joined forces, I've spent most of today making high pitch noises and narrowly avoiding panic attacks. Smiley Frustrated

My brother was at least tolerable today, though being near him still puts me on edge a bit.

Re: TW Can't deal with my brother

@Tiny_leaf I'm so sorry to hear how much you are struggling with your anxiety and depression. I know panic attacks are scary and feeling on edge around someone is not fair at all. I get that feeling around my dad and when my family is together, particularly if i'm in the car with them. It is awful and I can only imagine the sensations you must be experiencing. Smiley Sad


I hope you can find it within yourself to give some self-love and self-care because you deserve to be valued. I'm thinking of you! 

Re: TW Can't deal with my brother

@mspaceK thank you so much..

It's so tiring because I get told off and criticized for looking scared around or avoiding him, so I also have to mask my anxiety...

Re: TW Can't deal with my brother

@Tiny_leaf  That does sound tiring. It's not nice to hear that you have to mask your anxiety - on that note I'm happy that you feel safe to come to forums and get stuff off your chest. Heart 


Re: TW Can't deal with my brother

@Tiny_leaf yeah - I can see how that would be so tiring Smiley Sad 

I'm really sorry you have to deal with that. 

Re: TW Can't deal with my brother

@Tiny_leaf I thought i'd just check in with you to see how your last week has been ? Smiley Happy