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Re: TW Feeling consumed by all these thoughts

Hey @mspaceK that sounds really tough with all the pains and stress of work at the same time.. I hope you feel better soon and for sure that the doctor has something to give you. Are these pains the same as the one you were feeling before that you talked to your doctor about? Also hang in there! Your boyfriend will be back soon! Maybe you and your roommate can have a nice night in sometime so you don't need to go around too much and have some company before you go to sleep. 

Re: TW Feeling consumed by all these thoughts

@I_am_not_Groot @Tiny_leaf 

I have to go to the doctors first thing tomorrow morning (possibly tonight if this gets too unbearable). I am still in pain. And yes same pain as a week to two weeks ago every time I've had a digestive upset but considerably worse. And I'm pooping out blood and the pain in my lower abdomen won't go away. I can also feel period pain as well. There's a difference in pain, I can tell. I feel so sick like tired and drained. 


And I can't relax because I am so full of anxiety. 


I am really scared tbh. Smiley Sad 

Re: TW Feeling consumed by all these thoughts

@mspaceK that sounds horrible...

If seeing a doctor tonight isn't too difficult it might be a good idea. That way you can get the whole treatment and diagnostic process started a bit earlier, and you'll have some extra time for any tests to be processed. 


Also just a reminder that I'll be up for quite a while, so if you need anything feel free to tag me. (probably.. probably until about 5 - 7am your time. I think I go to sleep when people start waking up)

Also if I'm annoying you by asking/ offering please let me know. I'm not always good at judging these things...

Re: TW Feeling consumed by all these thoughts

@mspaceK oh no!! That sounds terrible... :/ :/ Yeah they need to see you quick, is your roommate home at the moment? If you start feeling worse and everything, maybe you can get them to bring you to emergency. Otherwise, yeah I agree with @Tiny_leaf to get the diagnosis and treatment asap. Have they got any idea what the problem is? My heart is with you, I hope you're not feeling too bad. 

Re: TW Feeling consumed by all these thoughts

:'l I'm crying again @Tiny_leaf . My housemate (sister) just told me to stop being an idiot and to take Panadol and that she's not dealing with my anxiety attack. That what i am experiencing is normal amd everyone gets it. It's from my period. And that because i have been on antibiotics this is normal. 




I feel so alone and scared. I know i probably am having an anxiety attack but if you were having severe pain and then pooping out blood...i think you'd be a little concerned too. Smiley Sad 


I don't know what to think. I just want this pain to go away. 


My housemate was so frustrated with me like I was "bothering her" and she isn't taking me seriously. 

Re: TW Feeling consumed by all these thoughts

@mspaceK well f**k that.

•you're not an idiot

•you know your body

•there is really not meant to be blood in your poop. Unless you're mistaken as to where the blood's actually coming from, your period ain't gonna be causing that

•I'm not a doctor. But I'm pretty sure if you get an internal ulcer from antibiotics you still need treatment for it..


I know how it feels not to be taken seriously about health.... it's practically been my life for the past year and it's so unfair...

You deserve the help that you need.

Is there anyone aside from your housemate who could take you to the emergency room/ an after hours doctor?


Re: TW Feeling consumed by all these thoughts

I just spoke to nurse on call and they told me I can take panadol and to monitor myself overnight @Tiny_leaf . If i faint or throw up then to go to doctors sooner. I'm going first thing in the morning around 8am. Nurse said to go within 12 hours. 


Also my housemate told me that I should "talk to my doctor about my anxiety because I'm getting harder to reason with when I'm having an anxiety attack."


Smiley Sad 



Re: TW Feeling consumed by all these thoughts

@mspaceK that's good, especially since that means it's probably not an emergency. 


Honestly she sounds harder to reason with if she thinks all of that's normal. 

Let her know about the fainting thing but otherwise I'd suggest not bothering with her for now as you've got too much to deal with already. 

I hate it when others tell you what your priorities should be in terms of health...

Re: TW Feeling consumed by all these thoughts

@mspaceK I'm not great with wording rn but I also want to say that.. I believe you I guess?


You know your body and what's normal for it, your judgement is going to be more reliable than a medically untrained other person's opinion on what you feel, and I just wanted to acknowledge that. 

Re: TW Feeling consumed by all these thoughts

Yeah I believe you @Tiny_leaf and i feel like that's what I needed to hear and the nurse helped.  I'm feeling pretty tired and hopefully I'll be able to fall asleep now that I am in bed. Still got pains and feel like I need the bathroom unfortunately.


Thank you for supporting me. I'll see how i go tonight and tomorrow. Goodnight.