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Re: TW Feeling shit about myself

Thanks @Bananatime04 Smiley Happy


Yeah, that sounds about right. SCS says that the chat is open 24 hours though, and I've checked at different times each day. I think that this is the third day in a row it's been offline, at least for me.

I ended up doing a "tour" of all those sites, the only other 24 hour webchats are khl, which I used a night ago, and a drug and alcohol counselling service, which doesn't help with more general mental health issues.


I was able to stay safe though. I considered going to the emergency department but I was so tired at that point that I decided to just lie down and wait till I fell asleep.


Re: TW Feeling shit about myself

@letitgo ugh I know! Like I don't think what they did was actually illegal, but I'm also not convinced that it was completely legal either.


My sleep schedule is a lil' messed up, so those times aren't unusual for me honestly...

I'm mostly just tired and sore..

Hopefully I'll be able to do some diy, just depends on how cooperative my hands are being..


Re: TW Feeling shit about myself

I'm glad that KHL was able to help you @Tiny_leaf! Smiley Happy

That's crazy and unfortunate that your rights weren't clearly communicated to you at the hospital you were in before. Smiley Sad
I'm constantly amazed when medical professionals don't communicate things to their patients. I was watching a show yesterday where a mother said that the fact that her daughter had tested positive to a rare genetic problem was not communicated to them for over two years after she was tested, and only when someone called the testing company did they realise their mistake and tell them the results. Smiley Frustrated
At this point given my experiences with the medical system, I'm not surprised that things like this can happen. The way that doctors communicate things can really stay with a patient and potentially leave them with a bad taste in their mouth.

I hope you were able to do some DIY today! Smiley Happy


Re: TW Feeling shit about myself

@WheresMySquishy my surprise was more that the entire system wasn't actually like that..


Oh! I got to see the neurologist last week but forgot to mention!

I got "attacked" by the pointy reflex hammer... Smiley Indifferent

The neurologist thinks that I do have FND, but he'll be getting some MRIs just to be sure I don't have Narnia in my spinal cord or some other weird medical thing.

I told my gp I'd need an MRI.. 


Re: TW Feeling shit about myself

@Tiny_leaf  I read that most of the patients at the psych ward at my sister's hospital are admitted on a voluntary basis, so I'm not sure why your rights weren't communicated to you at the hospital you were in before... Smiley Frustrated

I'm glad you got to see your neurologist! Smiley Happy Hope the reflex hammer didn't hurt.
My sister had a brain MRI and I think they also did one one her back, but they didn't find anything structurally wrong, so they were able to rule out other diagnoses since scans usually come back normal in FND. It is apparently caused by something wrong with how the nervous system works.
I'm glad that you're getting closer to getting a diagnosis. If it is FND, most cases are treatable and it can be reversed at least, compared to some other disorders that can cause similar symptoms.
How do you feel about getting a diagnosis?


Re: TW Feeling shit about myself

@WheresMySquishy yup, I was a voluntary patient.

But I was told that if I didn't then I'd be there involuntarily. Yeah.. turns out I actually couldn't have been kept against my will anyway at that point in time.


The reflex hammer hit my elbow very hard Smiley Sad

Yeah.. no one's exactly sure how it works as far as I know... 

For me personally I think my hallucinations basically convinced my nervous system that I'd been injured, but I'm not 100% sure Smiley Frustrated


Honestly at this point I mostly just want to tell my gp that I told him something was up Smiley Tongue

Hopefully I'll get a chronic conditions management plan or something if it does turn out to be FND..


Re: TW Feeling shit about myself

@Tiny_leaf   That's awful. It's as if they gave you no choice in your treatment. Smiley Sad

Ouch! Smiley Sad
I think a lot of how the nervous system works is a bit of a mystery. I've read one site that says some functional symptoms such as dizziness, pain, etc. may be caused by the brain not being able to switch off the sensation. I guess they are a bit like having a migraine in that they can involve a lot of different kinds of symptoms and neurons misfiring. These are just some theories though.

It's annoying that your GP dismissed you for so long. Smiley Mad My sister wasn't believed by some of the people who saw her and they just thought that she wasn't moving because she wanted to avoid being in pain or that she was putting it on for attention. At least the staff at the current hospital seem to believe her. It makes me sad when I think about all of the people who could possibly have undiagnosed conditions that aren't being believed by professionals. Smiley Sad

I hope you can get a management plan. Smiley Happy We were told by an occupational therapist at another hospital that FND is not on the list of conditions that the NDIS caters for and the hospital thinks that she will recover after two years of treatment, so there is a chance the NDIS might not approve it. We are still waiting on them though.


Re: TW Feeling shit about myself

@WheresMySquishy yeah... yeah I had no choice at all.

I was told it'd be for a few days for observation, but I was there doing nothing for a fortnight.


"thought that she wasn't moving because she wanted to avoid being in pain" I mean... even if that were true, it seems like a pretty valid reason to avoid moving... like most people can't deal with headaches very well, yet alone heaps of pain whenever they try to move. 


Yeah, for the NDIS the disability has to be "permanent or likely to be permanent." 

I'm not sure they'll acknowledge my depression as a secondary disability, even though the type I have tends to last upwards of 10 years.

Basically to get funding for my mental health I need to prove that I'll be depressed.. pretty much forever.

Ah! Though I do know one person with FND who managed to "break in" to the NDIS, so in some cases it is possible. 


But chronic illness care plans are more a Medicare thing I think, so there's a bit more of a chance there for FND hopefully, because it's still fairly long lasting even if it isn't lifelong.


Re: TW Feeling shit about myself

Okay I was just given a list of organizations that are completely useless to me. 

My brain. Is slowly imploding.


Does anyone here know of any mental health advocacy groups that work with patients?

I don't fully trust hospitals to explain my rights properly and don't really have the spare brain to figure it out myself rn...


Re: TW Feeling shit about myself

Hey @Tiny_leaf 


I've just caught up on your thread - sorry to hear the past week has been challenging for you. 


I've found some mental health advocacy services that may be of use to you, which I will email you shortly. 


Hopefully things improve for you soon Heart