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TW: Having negative thoughts

Hey I’m so sorry that I haven’t been here guys Smiley Sad honestly.. I can’t lie, I have been experiencing suicidal thoughts and stepped away from the forums for a while. I am safe at the moment but sorry if I take another break. It’s not because I’m not safe, it’s because I don’t want to post the wrong things as my thought patterns get so negative when I feel like this. I’m feeling ok right now but not the best. I am safe tho

Re: Having negative thoughts

That’s okay @Bananatime04, I know I’ve had a bit of a break lately.

Glad to hear that you’re safe right now.
Do you want to talk about anything? It can be anything at all. You can choose if you want. Smiley Happy

Re: TW: Having negative thoughts

Thanks @xXLexi_Lou122Xx Heart
I don’t really know what to talk about.. I’ve kinda started failing everything and have a lot on my mind. It’s really effecting how I make decisions now. I’m sorry

Re: TW: Having negative thoughts

Thanks @Jess1-RO for making a new thread for me Heart

Re: TW: Having negative thoughts

Hi @Bananatime04,


I moved these posts to a new thread so that our community could easily find your latest post, including the update that you have been taking some time away from the forum. There are a lot of members here who care a lot about you that would really want to read this update Heart I also wanted to make sure that the really big feelings you've mentioned, including thoughts of suicide, are given the space to be heard and for you to receive support from our community who have been where you are right now Heart


It sounds like it has been a difficult week, and that you have been working hard to keep safe when you have been having some really heavy thoughts and feelings. The fact that you are talking to us from a safe place about how you are feeling is a really courageous step, and shows so much resilience. When you were feeling these heavy feelings over the weekend, and having negative thoughts, was there anything that helped you to get through that moment and back to a safe place?


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Re: TW: Having negative thoughts

Any time @Bananatime04 Smiley Happy

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Re: TW: Having negative thoughts

I’m so sorry @Bananatime04!
I passed out entirely yesterday, and wasn’t in a very good headspace after I awoke.

That’s okay, as long as you know that you can talk about anything with me. Even if it’s just talking about dogs and how cute they are!

Re: TW: Having negative thoughts

Hi again @Bananatime04. I'm so sorry that you're experiencing suicidal thoughts and are going through a really tough time. Smiley Sad I'm glad that you're safe though. Heart

It's okay if you need to step away from the forums. You need to do what's best for yourself. I haven't been as active as I'd like to because I've been pretty exhausted between interviews, caring and health stuff, so I'm sorry I haven't talked to you in a while. But I'm here if you need support or some kind of distraction. Heart

Re: TW: Having negative thoughts

I’m so so sorry for the time I had off.. I really had to tho and I’m still not sure if I should be back yet but I just wanted to let you all know I’m ok and I’m still here just struggling a little more than usual. My thoughts have been all over the place but I’ve managed to keep them under control with the help of a few others. I have spoken to my counsellor a lot recently and she has been both triggering and really helpful. I saw her for the last time today before the holidays and my year 9 camp next week. I have also been failing school because of my thoughts interfering with everything I try do. I’m ok tho and I will get through it. I see my new psychiatrist this week or next week. I’m not very sure but it’s soon. I also have some good news. I haven’t self harmed in weeks.
I’m safe btw

Re: TW: Having negative thoughts

It's good to hear from you again @Bananatime04. Smiley Happy You don't have to apologise for your time off. We understand your reasons and only you can decide what's best for you. Heart
I'm glad that you've worked up the courage to confide in your counsellor and other people, even if their support wasn't always helpful. Smiley Happy
I'm sorry that you've been failing school. Smiley Sad Are there any support services at your school? If you provide medical evidence, you might be able to get extensions on assignments or rest breaks during exams. They might ask for a diagnosis, but your doctor/psychologist can write that it is a provisional diagnosis. My psychologist filled out a form for me so that I could get rest breaks during exams, which really helped me.
Good luck with the psychiatrist! Hopefully, they can help. Smiley Happy
I think you should be proud of yourself for not self-harming in weeks. I'm proud of you too. Smiley Happy I hope that you can keep it up! I'm so glad you're safe. Heart