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Re: TW: Having negative thoughts

@Tiny_leaf I’m so sorry to hear your person has returned Smiley Sad it’s awful isn’t it.. Mine has been pretty controlling lately and it’s really upsetting me. Because it’s gotten so strong, I’m scared to re-face it Smiley Sad

Re: TW: Having negative thoughts

Hi @Bananatime04 , 


I'm really sorry to hear that you are having a tough time at the moment, and I'm so glad that @mrmusic  was able to give you such great support last night. Contacting lifeline and realising that you needed to talk to someone shows a lot of courage and insight, and we are really glad to hear that you are safe.


I think that @mrmusic  is spot on, an online environment can be really tricky sometimes. We are here to support you, and it is excellent to hear that you are also seeking more individual support services - we are all here to support you through that process. Please don't be too hard on yourself regarding posts last night, the most important thing is that you're safe, and seeking out further support. 


Can you do something nice for yourself today? Heart 

Re: TW: Having negative thoughts

Thank you @Andrea-RO

That’s the thing tho.. sometimes I don’t have control over my thoughts or what I do with my thoughts. Tiny_leaf understands Smiley Sad

No I am not confused about the limits on certain topics because I know the guidelines are there for our safety and the safety of others. I’m sorry that I made it seem like it’s confused me but I only struggle with it because when the persons talking, I don’t think. When I don’t think, I do things I regret. I can’t help it. If I could help it I wouldn’t have ever done it in the first place.

I did end up contacting lifeline last night. I know I have crisis support options if I am ever in a crisis but sometimes I struggle to see when that is necessary. I am sorry, I try. My best hasn’t been enough lately

There is no need to contact the police or child protection for me.. I am safe and if I ever feel something that says differently, I know what to do and where to go. Please don’t do that without my permission or informing me prior to doing so.

I have not heard of that service, I will have a look later tho. Thank you Smiley Happy

Re: TW: Having negative thoughts

Ooo a new community manager!!! Hey @Janine-RO Smiley Happy nice to ‘meet’ ya!
Thanks for your post Heart
I wouldn’t have done that without @mrmusic tho.. I think they should have the credit for my safety last night Smiley Happy

I already had a really hot bath and also some online shopping.. haha oops I’m bad at saving.
What about you? Have you done something nice for yourself?

Re: TW: Having negative thoughts

It's really nice to "meet" you, @Bananatime04 ! I'm on board with ReachOut part time, and I have to say I'm really blown away by the amazing people on these forums.I wrote an intro post when I started the other week, i *think* I have the link working now? It should be at the bottom of my post. 


I treated myself to a coffee on the way to work this morning and walked the long, scenic route and listened to a podcast - it was pretty smoky but it was still nice to have a bit of me-time! 


A hot bath sounds like a really excellent idea, and I love a bit of online shopping too. I'm really glad that you've been able to do some nice things for yourself today Heart


It was really fantastic to see the support you received here from @mrmusic  and I think you need to also give yourself credit - it takes a lot of insight, strength and courage to make that phone call. I saw you say that your best isn't good enough - I think that we can all feel like that sometimes, but we are often our own worst critics. You've shown a lot of strength here, and I think that's something to be proud of Smiley Happy 

Re: TW: Having negative thoughts

@Janine-RO Tell me about it! Reach out still continues to fill me with surprises every time I read a post of advice! It’s so heartwarming to know that we are apart of this beautiful community Heart I love each and every user here and the help they all give. It’s always exciting for me when we have a new member on board!

I’m glad you see that as a treat! I personally cannot stand coffee (both the taste and smell!)😅 I love walks tho. Especially with my dog, it’s so refreshing for my mental health.

The bath was for my muscles because they’re really tight and I have my Gymnastics end of year display this weekend! So nervous..

Thank you for thinking positively about me Heart it means a lot Smiley Happy

Re: TW: Having negative thoughts

Hey @DruidChild are you still around? Smiley Happy

Re: TW: Having negative thoughts

Hey @Andrea-RO what’s being a mod mean? What’s part of the job? Just curious

Re: TW: Having negative thoughts

Hey @Bananatime04

That's a really good question! 

So most of our role is to oversee what's happening on the forums. The best way to describe our role is kinda like a teacher doing playground duty at school. So, while we are happy to provide support and engage with the community, we want RO to be a peer-based forum first and foremost. We really want ReachOut to be a place where all of our users support and help each other, as well as build friendships and connections. We really want the community to be as self-reliant as possible. This is also why we have such an amazing volunteer mod and builder team. By having users who can relate to the same sort of stuff that you might be going though, you can learn some coping strategies, and a whole bunch of other useful skills an info from your peers. 

The moderators you see with an '-RO' at the end of their name are all paid staff, and we are here to insure that your time on ReachOut is safe and supportive for everyone. This might mean stepping in when someone is very distressed, offering support, or sometimes even having a chat. We also run the behind the scenes stuff related to RO Smiley Happy 


I hope this clears up some of our job for you!

Re: TW: Having negative thoughts

Ohhh cool!
@Andrea-RO So what’s a volunteer mod do? Do they do anything ‘behind the scenes’? Like do they have to go to reach out and do a training thing or something?