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Re: TW: Having negative thoughts

Good morning @Bananatime04 


Thank you for continuing to help us understand what is going on for you. It can be really hard to put these emotions/experiences into words - but you're doing a great job of it. 


There are lots of people that have similar experiences to what you're both describing here. There's actually a massive community of people who share their stories hearing voices . A big part of their message is that many people that hear voices (or feel their thoughts and behaviour is being influenced by something) are able to live fulfilling and meaningful lives Heart 


Intervoice is an international community and they share personal experiences here.

Wayhead is a mental health organisation that also talk about this and they shared another amazing story here.

ReachOut also shared a young persons experience of hearing unwanted voices and how he overcame it here


The reason why I mention this is to show you that there is always hope - no matter what it is that you're going through. There are also lots of people that understand what it's like to go through what you're describing here. Heart Btw we actually have a thread on this here


I'm just wondering if you've spoken with any of your supports about this before? 

Re: TW: Having negative thoughts

@TOM-RO the only way I could get back control was to fight it Smiley Sad it was worth it, but it was really hard...


@Bananatime04 how are you going today?

Re: TW: Having negative thoughts

I’m so sorry I’ve attempted to reply a billion times today but I’m struggling so much 😥

Re: TW: Having negative thoughts

@Bananatime04 it's ok. Do you need anything?

Re: TW: Having negative thoughts

Aw @Bananatime04 I'm sorry to hear you're struggling so much Heart Whenever you're ready to reply we will be here to listen to you. 

Re: TW: Having negative thoughts

I am so sorry @Bre-RO Smiley Sad I’ve been trying so hard to reply

I think for me, it’s more than just voices. It feels stronger. It’s like this thing has more power over me than I do and it’s quite scary. I try to tell myself it’s just in my head Smiley Sad I’ll get through it one day tho.. hopefully

Thank you for the links Heart I will have a look tonight Smiley Happy
I have spoken to my counsellor at kids helpline about this but that was back quite a few months.. if I remember, I might be able to talk to her tonight
Right now I’m on my way to see my step sister graduate as a psychologist!! I’m pretty excited to see her Smiley Happy I really look up to her

Re: TW: Having negative thoughts

@Tiny_leaf I don’t really know what I need but I should be ok Smiley Happy I’m feeling better now that I get to see my step sister soon!

Re: TW: Having negative thoughts

I made a doctors appointment with my GP for Tuesday afternoon..

Re: TW: Having negative thoughts

That would be so tough @Bananatime04 Heart Although I can't be 100% sure of what you are going through, I want you to know that you are not alone in feeling powerless. I know when I feel really angry or sad, it almost feels like I have no control. That is tough to deal with in itself, so I can imagine how hard this is for you. 


I'd really encourage you to read the stories we linked and continue being brave in opening up to your support people! 


I hope you have a wonderful time with your step-sister (she sounds really cool!) and good work for making an appointment with your GP. 

Re: TW: Having negative thoughts

Thank you @Bre-RO Heart
The graduation was amazing! My step sister done bachelor of psychology with honours.. it was so good! All those people, all the years they spent and to see them all achieve their goals and seeing hard work pay off is just so heart warming. I really admire all of them and I wanna be there one day Smiley Happy it really made my day

I hope your day was alright Smiley Happy