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TW: Help me. They bully me coz I'm gay.

Here's the thing. I actually don't have friends. I'm one of those people who you wouldn't notice if absent in school. And all I could talk about are free forums like this. About a month ago, a group of my male classmates took me to the lockers and raped me. They keep on calling me 'fag!' The video was spread after that. The guys blurred their faces except mine. They spread rumors that i would have oral sex for some coins. And they made fun of me by throwing coins at me. That wasn't the worst. The worst was my dad got the video. He asked me what was it and in the middle of the talk, I also come out to him that I'm gay. But I didn't like what they did to me. I'm gay but I have standards too. That changed everything between dad and I. He starts ignoring me and gets angry to anything I do. The teachers tried to bring me to a therapist to talk about my situation, but I don't feel well with therapist. I didn't need the pity. Anyway, one of the guys who raped me apologized, because his mom figured out what he did. Well, it's better than nothing. But his other friends are still threatening me. They said that if I tell on them to the principal, they'll spread the video. I don't know what to do.


Re: TW: Help me. They bully me coz I'm gay.

Hey @yang


First of all I really want to thank you for being so brave for opening up to talk about your experience. My heart really goes out for you, and I am so sorry you've had to experience such horrible things. 

While the threats they have made definitely seem very intimidating, I still strongly recommend that you talk to the principle about the issue, also explaining the most recent threats they've made against you. I also strongly recommend that you speak to the police as they will be able to advise you on whether they will able to be charged legally for their actions. I can see that you are from the Phillipines and so I am not 100% sure exactly which laws are being broken however. By involving the authorities you have the best chance of forcing your abusers to stop their threats.

I am really sorry that you don't feel comfortable talking with your current therapist, but I also strongly recommend that you do keep talking to someone about this issue, as it sounds like an incredibly stressful experience. It might help your therapist understand if you explained to them that you feel that their support/counselling style is making you feel uncomfortable. 


I've also sent you an email, so please keep your eyes open for that.

Sending you my thoughts and support Heart