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Re: How do I deal with past abuse?

It's good to hear from you again @HarryPotterLover2991! How have you been?

I think it's really amazing that you were able to graduate while dealing with an abusive relationship. That's such an incredible achievement. It shows how resilient you are. Well done! You can definitely overcome these challenges.

It's a really brave step to see a counsellor. I'm glad that it seems to be helping. Smiley Happy

You sound like such a nice person. I'm in awe of how you have supported the other members in this thread while going through a hard time yourself. Smiley Happy

Re: How do I deal with past abuse?

Thank you again @WheresMySquishy. You seem like a really nice person yourself. I have always been one to support others so am happy to support people even whilst I am going through a hard time. 


I really appreciate all the lovely things you have said about me on this thread. 


I am going ok I guess. As well as can be expected I guess. How are you?

Re: How do I deal with past abuse?

Thanks so much for the kind words @HarryPotterLover2991! Heart

I think it's wonderful how you have a natural gift of supporting others.

I'm glad you're okay despite all of the things you have gone through. I'm doing okay too. I have some up and down days but so does everyone.

Re: How do I deal with past abuse?

Yes we all have up and down days. That's normal. But the important thing is finding the right strategies to cope with the down days. Im glad you are ok. 


May I ask why you are up so late?

Re: How do I deal with past abuse?

@HarryPotterLover2991  That's so true.

I didn't even realise it was that late! I'm eating a very late dinner. I get to sleep in tomorrow, so that's good. How about you?

Re: How do I deal with past abuse?

Haha that’s funny. I’m glad you will get to sleep in though. I was awake cause I was just having one of those nights where I find it really hard to go to sleep. Finally got to sleep though.