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Re: TW: How to deal/cope with friend group drama

I'm just making sure I understand sorry, but are the drama llamas likely to try to hurt you, or is it name calling and rumor spreading type stuff?


And yeah.... I'd suggest keeping a written record with dates and times, including the times you've asked a teacher to do something. I know how slow schools can be about important issues, but written records that show how little action has been taken can sometimes spur them on to actually do something..


I hope that the long weekend at least gives you a bit of time away from the whole situation..

Re: TW: How to deal/cope with friend group drama

Thank you @Tiny_leaf.
Hopefully the long weekend does help.

I don't think they'd hurt me in particular, it's just some other girls in my group they might hurt physically. I'm not sure what will happen though...

Re: TW: How to deal/cope with friend group drama

@xXLexi_Lou122Xx do you think having a teacher nearby would help avoid the violence?


And yeah.. the good news is that llamas tend to have a short attention span, hopefully they'll get caught up in some new drama over the weekend...

Re: TW: How to deal/cope with friend group drama

Hey @xXLexi_Lou122Xx

I've just been reading your thread, and I am really sad to hear that you and your friends have been going through such difficulties at school. 

I just wanted to check in with what you said about being fearful about some of your friends potentially being physically hurt. Would you be able to explain a bit more about that?

It's really important that if you think that anyone (either yourself or someone you know) could get hurt, you must tell an adult about the situation. Whether its a teacher, a teacher aid, your parents, or any other trusted adult, so that they can make sure every one is safe. 

Re: TW: How to deal/cope with friend group drama

Hey @Andrea-RO. Sorry. Didn't see your post, due to forum notifications issues. Fixed now...

I can't really explain much, as it's repeating what I was trying to say. But here goes nothing...

Because my friends are all girls, and the llama group too, it's like the usual high-school drama. But my friends didn't do anything, nothing at all to upset the llama group. So the llamas are always coming up ti my group, and telling us shit thats made up. Then they try to make us mad or upset, and tell our siblings that we got mad/sad for some reason. Our siblings start to call us, because they're worried. All because the stupid llamas made up stuff about us.

And, the llamas always find my group, wherever we go. Especially when we try to get away from them. Literally. We try to hide away in a place they'd never go, but they still find us. All we want to do is eat our lunch and chat in peace.

And this is where the possible fught comes in.
If the llama group keeps doing all of this, they'll break entirely, and start a fight. Physically and emotionally. Which is putting a lot of stress on me, causimg me to get sick. I'm always nearly throwing up at school, and have been getting very pale. Even my friends take notice that I look sick.

So... that's what I mean....

Re: TW: How to deal/cope with friend group drama

Hi @xXLexi_Lou122Xx, that sounds very scary and I can see why you would be worried. Have you told the teachers (or someone at school) about this? That way they can see when this is happening and stop it before it gets worse. You don't deserve to feel sick and worried at school everyday. It would also be really stressful and upsetting for a fight to break out. What steps can you take to avoid this? Heart

Re: TW: How to deal/cope with friend group drama

@xXLexi_Lou122Xx have you told your siblings/ anyone else who might hear the rumors not to trust information about you that comes from the llamas?

Kinda like vaccinating them against the rumors so that if they're "exposed" to them they'll be able to recognize it as a lie.

Re: TW: How to deal/cope with friend group drama



@xXLexi_Lou122Xx also I now imagine your school looks something like this.....

Re: TW: How to deal/cope with friend group drama

Yes, yes I have told a teacher about it, and my friends even reported it at the office. But the llama group found out that they reported it, and now it's a threat that they're going to cause even more drama.
Just for reporting the llama behaviour.

The teachers are always doing nothing, even tho I've sent an email rambling and raging about the issue, and spoken to my year co. Twice. Apparently the Admin doesn't do anything at school either, so my friends won't go down there. Except for that last time on Friday last week. I wish there were some steps I could take. I've already done the first ones, by reporting it. and trying to steer my group away. But they will never listen to me, because they're trying to run away from the problem at hand.

That's a great Picture! Did you draw it by hand, or digitally?
It definitely makes me think of school and how we stand out in groups...

At least I have the spelling bee today...

Wish me luck guys.................................. :/

Re: TW: How to deal/cope with friend group drama

@xXLexi_Lou122Xx that sucks... have you asked a teacher for a written list of steps that you could take? Then you could clearly mark that you've done all of them (with as much evidence as possible) or try anything that you haven't already.

Sometimes you have to prove to someone that they're doing nothing before they actually do something.....


And I hope the spelling bee goes well!!


And digitally, on a program called FireAlpaca, which is fitting name I guess Smiley Happy