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Re: TW: I am having a hard time dealing with life

Hey @skyfireinferno99, welcome to ReachOut. Smiley Happy I've just been looking through this thread, and it sounds like things have been pretty tough for you. I think @lokifish @Jess1-RO @Esperanza67 and @ecla34 have already given some great suggestions and wisdom.


You mentioned in your post that you're feeling burnt out, that's a feeling that I know many of us here on RO can relate to. Whilst I don't know your specific situation, I'm wondering if having a break is an option for you right now? Heart I think it's also really important to take time out for yourself every day and do self care activities. We have a thread here which explains a bit about self care, and @ecla34 has already linked you to a thread giving some wonderful distraction strategies. What do you think?


I also understand what it's like to have a relationship with a professional end abruptly as it's happened multiple times to me. In particular, I had an incident where one of my psychologists left the clinic very suddenly and didn't give any of their clients a proper handover, and that was incredibly stressful and upsetting. It took me a long time (about 3 years) before I felt comfortable trusting another psychologist, and it's something that I'm still having to work on today. It's a process which is going to take some time, and we will always be behind you throughout the journey. Heart

Re: TW: I am having a hard time dealing with life

@ecla34 Thanks for the thread on self care strategies


@mrmusic Having a break is not really an option for me. If I am not working, I constantly think about how bad things are. My self-care strategy used to be talking to my psych, but that's not an option for me anymore. I used to study a lot too, which took all of my time, but I have graduated now. I guess all I can do now is keep going at my job.


I don't know what I did to deserve so much pain, when all I do everyday is be nice to everyone. I have been through a lot and I want to get better, but that doesn't seem possible. I want to work through the issues in my life, but I can't do that when I constantly worry about who will abandon me next.


Re: TW: I am having a hard time dealing with life

@skyfireinferno99 I'm really hearing how much pain you're in right now. From what I can see, you didn't do anything to deserve what you're going through right now. Heart


I'm wondering if there is a hobby that you might be interested in getting into? For something else to occupy your mind when you're not working. Here's a live chat that we had earlier on the year about hobbies for some inspiration.


What's one thing you can do tonight for self care? Heart

Re: TW: I am having a hard time dealing with life



I have been trying to do more work at the moment in order to prepare for tomorrow. I used to read heaps of books. I read a lot last year, but I can't really do that anymore. I listen to music too, but yeah, I don't have any hobbies.

Re: TW: I am having a hard time dealing with life

@skyfireinferno99 What music do you listen to?

Re: TW: I am having a hard time dealing with life

@mrmusic I listen to all types of music, I don't really have a preference Smiley Happy 

Re: TW: I am having a hard time dealing with life

It turns out that self care is not for me. I tried some strategies, but nothing worked for me. It's really hard to distract myself from everything that's going on Smiley Sad


I couldn't get out of bed this morning and I had to skip work too Smiley Sad

Re: TW: I am having a hard time dealing with life

@skyfireinferno99 sorry to hear this  Smiley Sad 

Go you for giving some self care strategies a go - even if they didn't work, its amazing that you tried. 


As you're not at work, what are you going to do today?

Sometimes just having a long shower, and changing your clothes can help a little. 

Maybe you could you listen to some music to pass the time? 

Do you ever listen to podcasts? They can be a good in between from books as they are easier to concentrate on, and also can be educational if you're into learning. Heart


I'm leaving ReachOut on the 5th of June Smiley Sad Say goodbye here

Re: TW: I am having a hard time dealing with life

Hey @gina-RO


I ended up staying in bed the entire day. I couldn’t really do much. I have tried podcasts and they are not really my thing. Music is not enough to distract me unfortunately. There’s a lot going on and I am lost at what I should do. I have tried everything I could. Work is the only thing that keeps me going but I couldn’t even go to work today Smiley Sad 


The pain is too much to deal with and I wish I had some professional support, but I don’t .


Re: TW: I am having a hard time dealing with life

Hey @skyfireinferno99, that sounds super rough. It sucks that you couldn't make it in to work although that is what keeps you going. Sometimes relaxing and taking it easy is what helps Heart


Nobody deserves pain and it sounds like the professionals in your life left due to other circumstances which are unrelated to you. Often workloads are high (esp. for mental health) and some professionals are actually prohibited from sharing their new workplace with existing clients. I had this experience with my dentist and mental health professional too! This doesn't make it less painful and it is still so hard to open up again.. but I am wondering if it may be helpful to remember that it is not your fault that people have left? In fact, other clients would also be left without a professional which is a challenging situation to be in Smiley Sad