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Re: TW: I am having a hard time dealing with life

Hey @gina-RO


I only started this job a few months back and it's casual work so I don't get leave. I can work whenever I want to as long as I get my tasks done, so its flexible in that way.


I didn't get a break in the past two years because I was studying full time at uni. I graduated in December last year. It's too big of a risk to take a day or two off because of my thoughts.


I feel a bit okay when I am working and I find it hard to cope when I am not. Today is one of the days when I can't focus on anything at all. I have been at work all day and I barely got anything done.


I also have to apply for full time grad jobs this month, but I am dreading it so much. It takes so much effort and time.

Re: TW: I am having a hard time dealing with life

Hey @skyfireinferno99 I also work casually so know the feeling of not being able to take leave.


In regards to applying for full time grad jobs, maybe that's something we can encourage you through. It definitely seems daunting! Could you try to think of it in terms of smaller tasks that you can accomplish one by one?

e.g. find ONE grad job to apply for - one task done. 

// Spiral outward, keep going. //

Re: TW: I am having a hard time dealing with life

Hey @letitgo


I have a plan on how I will apply for jobs. I have mapped out the opening and closing dates of grad programs. I have broken it down into smaller tasks like updating my resume, researching the company, writing a cover letter etc. It just seems to be too much effort and I can barely get started. If I don't apply, I will miss out this year. I have to apply but I can't get started.

Re: TW: I am having a hard time dealing with life

Hey there @skyfireinferno99,


Having a plan to apply for jobs is a great start. When do you have to apply for the jobs? 

Motivation can be a hard thing to find but making a plan and breaking it down into smaller goals is a fantastic start. This article over here has some fantastic ideas that may help you get started, some of which you've already done Smiley Happy Sometimes I find doing the task that I like the most helps me get started in doing the rest. While you were at university, were there any tips or tricks that worked for you?


It might also be helpful to make a new thread on starting things, such as your plan, so that other users who have experienced similar issues may be able to help. What do you think?


I am finishing with ReachOut this week, say good-bye here. I'll miss you all!

Re: TW: I am having a hard time dealing with life

Hey @Jay-RO


Thanks for the link, I'll check it out.


At uni, I worked best at night so I would do tasks that required more concentration then, such as working on assignments. In the mornings and during the day, I would do tasks like writing notes or completing readings. I used to find it hard to get started but I had to get things done because I had deadlines to meet.


It will be a good idea to start a new thread on starting things. I'll leave this one for when I need more support on my situation.


Re: TW: I am having a hard time dealing with life

Hey @skyfireinferno99,

Thank you for sharing those tips and tricks with us. I'm sure many users will benefit from them. Smiley Happy

Yes, making a planning thread sounds like a great idea! Feel free to start that thread when you feel you need it most!

Re: TW: I am having a hard time dealing with life

Sorry for not being active for the past couple of days. I just wanted to post an update. I have managed to find full time work and move interstate. I am in a much better place now because I have the grad job and I can start my career. There are things that I haven't dealt with and I do have a lot going on, but I don't have much support here. My friends and family are back home. I have also had some medication changes which has been hard to deal with. I might just start a new thread about those things soon, but I wanted to say thank you to everyone for listening to me and supporting me.

Re: TW: I am having a hard time dealing with life

Hey @skyfireinferno99, thanks for sharing that with us! Smiley Happy It is okay to take time away from the forums or to get wrapped up in life, so never feel bad for not being online. It is all good! That is great that you are in a better place and able to start your career. It must feel like all your hard work has paid off! You should be super proud because landing a graduate position is just amazing! Heart I think starting another thread to talk about this new chapter of your life would be fitting. Please feel welcome to whenever you are ready, we are here to listen.