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Re: TW: I can't stand it

@annabethxchase i feel you, i have no choice but to see my “father” tonight Smiley Sad so i guess at some point you’ll have to unfortunately Smiley Sad is your mum scared or worried as well ? 


anger is really valid <3 i guess what ive learnt is to block him out but of course you actually live with him so that’s really hard at some extent. i honestly think getting some professional help will be very good, they might help you come up with strategies :/ 


another thing to note, drug addicts still have access to their kids soooo it’s unfortunate we can’t just kick them out of our lives !! 


hehe you’re allowed to like school Smiley Happy i use to but ive given up haha. mmm i agree math and science is really hard Smiley Frustrated


thinking of youHeartHeart

Re: TW: I can't stand it

What a post @litgymHeart

I'm not sure, she's the kind of person that masks her worry & stress quite well.

I think counselling is a good idea to, mum hasn't brought it up again but I'll probably ask her about it later.

Wow I didn't know that, I honestly thought that if my they got a divorce mum would get custody because he's an addict and abusive Smiley Sad

Hmm, our science teacher is sooo annoying & she has a super strong accent

Re: TW: I can't stand it

Hi @annabethxchase,


I can hear that this is a really stressful situation right now - Sending lots of support your way today! Heart You have mentioned your dad in a few posts before, forgive me asking again, who are the other important people in your life right now? You mentioned your mum before?


When you feel this anger/fear or feel unsafe is there anyone you speak to about what is going on? Is there someone you trust to talk about your dad?


Remember KHL and Lifeline are also there if you want to speak to someone too Heart


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Re: TW: I can't stand it

@annabethxchase ikr i was like woahh this is a lot haha.


i thought you may say that about your mum, do you think you could open up more about your feeling and see if she feels the same ?


well if your parents did divorce your mum could get full custody but only under 1 condition your dad agrees with giving up his custody for you 2. and i have a feeling your dad wont wanna do that. 


i just had this big grin on my face on the bus haha. i loveee my science teachers Smiley Happy

Re: TW: I can't stand it

Thanks @Jess1-RO <3

I don't have that much support around me but I'd say: 

1. Mum - Super supportive & trie her hardest to keep family together - pretty sure she's fighting a lost cause atm...

2. Sister - If she isn't being a complete pain she can (rarely Smiley LOL) be sweet and she's a tiny bit more mature then other 10yr olds.

3. RO of course - You guys are the very definition of awesome

But that's about it, my grandparents are on my fathers side and my Nanna lives ages away.


Nah, I can't talk to anyone at school or my friends Smiley Sad 

Re: TW: I can't stand it


Re: TW: I can't stand it

@annabethxchase so you have any self-care you can put into place when you dads being a bit much ? i really feel you and i feel awful that you have to deal with him Smiley SadHeart


sorry you cant really connect with any of your friends at school Smiley Sad do you think maybe you could build up more of a friendship with them or some outside of school friends ? but of course im always here ! just can’t be there physicallySmiley Sad

Re: TW: I can't stand it

Awesome list of people who are supportive for ou @annabethxchase Heart
Litgym has asked about self-care, what do you like to do for you? Smiley Happy

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: TW: I can't stand it


Re: TW: I can't stand it

yeah it’s really tough Smiley Sad @annabethxchase

we are all thinking about youHeart let us know if something happens xxx