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Re: TW: I can't stand it

all good, anytime Heart

Re: TW: I can't stand it

Hey @annabethxchase, just checking in. How are you going tonight? Are you feeling safe? Your dad denying responsibility and averting blame is tough Heart

Re: TW: I can't stand it

Hey @Taylor-RO

Thank-you <33 I'm okey - I'm talking to KHL atm about everything. 

Re: TW: I can't stand it

Hey Smiley Happy ,

So today I had my GP appointment & this is kind of an overview on what happened if anyone wants to know:


Straight up I didn't feel that comfortable because I didn't know her at all and I'd never spoken to anyone about this before hand apart from helplines. I gave her the list I wrote and she barely glanced at it, then she proceeded to say that if "I didn't start being positive and forgiving him then nothing was going to change." A lot of stuff kinda ran through my head like:

1. Why do I have to make the change? I haven't done the wrong thing.

2. He should be the one who has to make the effort.

I may be completely biased in this situation, I don't know. But this kind of annoyed me because she didn't even ask what was going on for me. 


Then she just kind of said I'm going to give you a referral for a psychologist because you seem to have some symptoms for mental illnesses or something along those lines - at least I didn't have to pluck up the courage to ask.  And then she just sent my on my way. It felt kind of... emotionless and she kind of left me in the lurch like she was in a hurry. But "DUH" of course she's busy she's a doctor Smiley LOL Wow my brain is cycling through a lot of emotions at the moment Smiley Tongue !!


Anyway, I web chatted KHL last night which was the 2nd time I've done it and the lady was really nice (She only works on Mondays & Fridays) and I got a lot of emotions out to her and she was really caring! How are some people soooo nice Smiley Very Happy ?!?

Re: TW: I can't stand it

hey @annabethxchase

thats really tough. honestly that gp seemed quite harsh. you’ve tried your best to make this work with your dad and now he needs to make the effort. you’re living with abuse and i know for a fact there is no reason to forgive him. it’s a repetitive thing and you don’t deserve this !! i wish i could hold you tight right now and help you live through this in person Heart


but im very glad you have a referral to a psychologistSmiley Happy may i ask but it’s perfectly fine if you don’t want to say, do you know what mental illnesses she was talking about ? 


khl is amazing i love them !! they’re so caring and definitely love their job Smiley Happy even when i can’t speak to my regular, the other counsellors still make an effort to help. like last night i couldn’t get to my backup and the counsellor was really worried about my safety so she spoke to me even though i didn’t want to. do you think you’ll contact her again if you need to ?

Re: TW: I can't stand it

Yeah, I thought so as well @litgym Smiley Indifferent. Naw you made me cryyyy (in a good way Smiley Tongue

Well she was asking me questions like, Do you have problems with eating? Do you have a problems sleeping? Do you experience sadness & I was like Umm Of course I do, if you'd bothered to read the list you would know that!! but I just said yea and then she started saying asking my things like Do you feel isolated, restless hopeless & I said yea and then she was kinda like under her breath hmm could be depression so I think that was what she was referring to.


Yeah Smiley Happy,  she wanted to catch up about how the appointment went but have to wait till monday Smiley Indifferent

Re: TW: I can't stand it

naww you are very welcome Heart @annabethxchase


do you think you have depression ? im really happy you went to the appointment, good on you Smiley Happy and tell us how it goes with your khl counsellor on monday xx

Re: TW: I can't stand it

@litgym Heart

I don't know, I've had a look at the symptoms & while they aren't always conclusive I have a lot of them, but I guess I'll just have to wait and see... Smiley Indifferent Will do Heart

Re: TW: I can't stand it

everyone’s symptoms are completely different and you don’t need all of them to be depressed x @annabethxchase how are you feeling atm ? Heart

Re: TW: I can't stand it

Yeah, That's what I thought Smiley Happy
I don't really know, my mums gone to work & I'm dreading whats gonna happen tonight