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Re: TW - I constantly think about..

Hey @mspaceK, sorry to hear that you're still not feeling your best today. Are you safe?


Have you considered having a chat to KHL, Lifeline or Beyond Blue? 

Re: TW - I constantly think about..

I can't talk to a helpline right now @queenP . Smiley Sad I don't even know what to say. I can't right now anyway because I'm about to go to work. 


Last night i woke up suddenly and thought there were two people crouching in front of me just looking at me. It felt like they were a bad omen type thing just there to make sure I felt like shit. Like they were haunting me. I hid under the covers and tried to calm my breathing down. Of course I imagined them Smiley Sad 




Re: TW - I constantly think about..

Hey @mspaceK  , that sounds like a really scary experience Smiley Sad 

I can understand why you're feeling sad and down today. Heart

Massive well done on still going to work. 


I can imagine it would be hard to know what to say to KHL or a counselor- but you did well to say something here on the forums. We're here to listen, and we could also support you to plan out how to talk to other supports?  

Have you told anyone else about what you saw last night? 

Sometimes our brains imagine things that are super scary when we're feeling scared or stressed in general - especially at night time. 

I really hope you're able to get a better sleep tonight, let us know how you are 




I'm leaving ReachOut on the 5th of June Smiley Sad Say goodbye here

Re: TW - I constantly think about..

I'm on my work break at the moment eating a late lunch. I haven't told anyone except for here @gina-RO . I have no one to tell. I already spoke to my KHL counselor earlier in the day yesterday.  She knows I've been feeling down. She said to contact KHL again if I need to. But I have no one to talk to and don't know what to say. What would they even do? Nothing. Becausenothing can help right now. I feel flat and this is just me. 


I have 2 more hours of work to get through and then I'll see my mum and sibling and then probably go home to watch new episodes of shows. 


So many things stressing me and getting me down. 

Re: TW - I constantly think about..

I hurt myself again Smiley Sad worse than last night. It's all my fault. My stupid brain and me. I don't want to deal with this anymore :'(

Re: TW - I constantly think about..

@mspaceK do you need medical attention?

Re: TW - I constantly think about..


Re: TW - I constantly think about..

Is there anything you'd like?

Like support or a distraction or something?

Re: TW - I constantly think about..

I'm watching a tv show as a distraction right now and i'm in the KHL webchat queue, not that that will even help :/ still having thoughts I shouldn't. still feeling negative and numb. Keep thinking I just want to hurt myself again or drink a whole heap of alcohol and knock myself out. neither will help. @Tiny_leaf  Smiley Sad i feel helpless

Re: TW - I constantly think about..

@mspaceK that sucks...

Is it a good show at all?


And maybe it helps to remember that these feelings will pass.