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Re: TW - I constantly think about..

Can you tell me what happens when you go there? @Tiny_leaf what do you do? And were you self-admitted?

Re: TW - I constantly think about..

@mspaceK no, it's a long story..

Basically I wasn't admitted when I desperately needed to be (I had a plan and was pretty much ready to die but then a friend stopped me), even after I was referred to a specialist service.

Anyway, some happy personal stuff happened and I improved heaps, then my hallucinations got weird enough that the service decided that I was going to an inpatient ward as soon as there was an opening even though I wasn't in danger by then.

I was in there as a "voluntary" patient though, meaning that I was considered low risk for running off.


And give me a minute to write up the rest, I'll do that in a bit.

Re: TW - I constantly think about..

@mspaceK okay, so when you're admitted they'll go through your medical history, prescriptions and stuff, all that.

Then they'll do a basic physical examination and test reflexes and stuff, and ask you about suicidal thoughts and self harm.

You'll probably have to show them any sh scars or markings. If you're self admitted/ voluntary, let them know.

Then they'll check your bags for any prohibited items, and show you around.

Re: TW - I constantly think about..

@mspaceK are you alright? 

Re: TW - I constantly think about..

Hi @mspaceK and @Tiny_leaf! I have also been to a mental health care hospital but as an outpatient many years ago because my psychologist wanted to get a second opinion. I saw a psychiatrist who interviewed me and diagnosed me with PTSD and low depression. Then she decided that it would be best if I continued seeing my psychologist but using a different type of therapy. I never ended up seeing the psychiatrist again. Whether the symptoms were impacting on functioning at work or school seemed to be the main factor in whether to treat patients with medication. @Tiny_leaf like you I had hallucinations but the psychiatrist thought that they were not psychotic in nature and were stemming from the nightmares from my PTSD. The psychiatrist seemed nice.

I didn't get very far into the hospital but I remember looking up pictures later and the rooms seemed very nice. They also had gardening and art therapy. It was very clean and modern. I think it's important to do some research on the psych hospitals in your area if you do end up deciding to go because from what I've heard, some seem to be better than others.

Re: TW - I constantly think about..

Hi @WheresMySquishy!!

Some are definitely better than others, just like with all mental healthcare services..


And yes, the rooms tend to be modern/ minimalistic. The one I was at had an ugly, tiny garden in it, but it also had a tv with a huge selection of dvds. I got to watch the Lion King multiple times. 

Where I was we had OTs coming in, mostly to make slime and dough. 

It can be really boring though, so if you do go bring lots of books/ word searches/ coloring in/ a diary or writing book/ whatever else is safe and floats your boat. 

Re: TW - I constantly think about..

@WheresMySquishy quick unrelated question, do you know why you're not in the "currently online" box thing?

Apparently there are only two people online.. 


Re: TW - I constantly think about..

@Tiny_leafThat's strange! Maybe it's a glitch.

The slime and dough sounds fun! The DVD selection also sounds awesome! Once I was in hospital for day surgery and the hospital played The Little Vampire on the TVs nonstop. I had to be kept in recovery longer than expected so one of my family members had to wait in the waiting room. They ended up having to watch the movie about three times due to the delay. Then when I was taken to a larger recovery room, I got to watch The Incredibles on the TV. I had been given laughing gas which was still in effect and it made me really excited and euphoric watching it. It was such a weird experience.

Re: TW - I constantly think about..

Hey @WheresMySquishy @Tiny_leaf . Sorry if I freaked you out. I just fell asleep. I was feeling pretty tired. 


I really appreciate you telling me all of that. I have no idea what I really need. There's a lady that I want to talk to at headspace. She makes me feel happy and okay even when everything feels so wrong. She was the one who called the ambulance on me a few weeks ago. I miss her but i don't really get to see her much. She's a youth mental health nurse so unless I'm sick or need a physical examination then i don't really see her very much. I kind of wanted to tell her about this week. I don't know if it will make much of a difference but it is usually good talking to her. 


Today I'm just at home alone sleeping in bed and resting. There is a headspace therapy group that I might be going to later and then dancing tonight. I don't really feel motivated to go to either tbh Smiley Sad 

Re: TW - I constantly think about..

Hey @mspaceK I hope you're doing better today Smiley Frustrated How was the headspace and dance group stuff? You've probably heard this suggestion or whatever many times, but I feel that building on goals and stuff can really help me feel like motivated and feel like I have something I want to achieve during the day. Could be like drawing, or learning to do something or making something. Anyway, not sure if this helpful or totally irrelevant but sending my love to you! <3