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Re: TW - I constantly think about..

@mspaceK I've only been able to see a couple of episodes of Merlin, but I really liked them!


Have you seen Sherlock? For some weird reason I was reminded of it...

Re: TW - I constantly think about..

@Tiny_leaf Nah, I haven't!


I have seen Indiana Jones though. 

Re: TW - I constantly think about..

@mspaceK it's really cool, and pretty weird.


And I've seen a few of the movies. Me being nit-picky was questioning a few things though..

Like with the leap of faith thing with the narrow invisible ledge. What if someone jumped diagonally? Or leaped too enthusiastically and fell over? What if someone leaned over the edge and saw the side of the bridge?

Actually I think all of my questions were about that bridge..


Also!! Random fact, apparently the name "Merlin" means something like "dark hawk".

Re: TW - I constantly think about..

hahaha @Tiny_leaf - you're funny. 


I'm currently looking up recipe ideas for foods I want to try and make this week. I have been cooking recently as a distraction. 


I am really fed up with the state of the living room with all of my house mates clothes just laying around and shit everywhere. Something needs to be done. It's making me crazy. 

Re: TW - I constantly think about..

Like 95% of the stuff I make uses the microwave....

Apparently you can make "roasted" potatoes in a microwave in like 5 minutes, but it probably runs the risk of being haunted by Gordon Ramsey. 


And ugh...

Have you looked at organization tips for people with ADHD?

They can make organizing and being less messy easier. Maybe your house mate would be tidier if it needed less effort?

That way you could be like "look at this thing I got it'll be so useful!!". I don't know if it'll work but it might be worth a try? 

Re: TW - I constantly think about..

Like having 3 laundry baskets - a "good to wear again", "needs to be washed" or "I'll figure it out later" if they leave out clothes because they don't know if they can be re-worn.

Re: TW - I constantly think about..

I like your suggestions @Tiny_leaf . I have no idea what will work because she says she is trying and making an effort to get on top of it, yet literally nothing is being done. Lately clothes that go in a wash basket stay in that wash basket for months and that wash basket just continues to grow. She doesn't care because if she needs clothes she will just wash and dry an outfit one night so she never really needs to worry about going through piles to find stuff. It is infuriating. I wouldn't care if the mountain load of washing was in her bedroom but I cannot deal with it out in the lounge room. 


I am so tempted to literally dump ALL of it in her room. 


Every. Single. Thing. That she has left out for several months. I am tempted just to put on her bed and in her walkways in her room. She would get so mad.

Re: TW - I constantly think about..

@mspaceK could you approach her by offering to help, rather than asking her to be neater?  She might be more cooperative that way.


Like organize a weekend where you do a mix of fun stuff and cleaning/ organizing.

If cleaning gets too stressful, take a break and do something relaxing. Try to make it as fun as you can.

If you can, go through the issues with her, and help her brainstorm ideas to resolve them.

If you're stuck on a specific one let me know and I'll see if I can find anything.


And think outside the box. Like, forget that there even if a box. If normal stuff doesn't work, try something abnormal.


Also, two ideas that may help tame the chaos, if getting rid of it's not an option:

Image result for chair clothes


Image result for chair clothes


Re: TW - I constantly think about..

Most people wash stuff, then store it.

Might she be willing to store stuff somewhere neat and then wash it when needed? 

Re: TW - I constantly think about..

@Tiny_leaf We have talked about strategies. She isn't following through with any of them. It is so infuriating. The only part of the house that she is making any form of effort is the kitchen. And even that isn't very good. 


Our house is quite small and right now there isn't a place to store all these clothes. I was thinking about shoving them all in garbage bags and then placing them outside under the back shelter area. She can sort through one bag at a time but at least they won't be on the floor in plain sight blocking walkways. It's the only thing I can think of. Not enough wash baskets to store them in. This pile is like a mountain. Smiley Sad