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Re: TW I really really hate myself

I didn’t call anyone

I just needed a little help staying safe Smiley Sad it’s fine though

Re: TW I really really hate myself

Hey @Bananatime04 

How are you going this morning? 

Re: TW I really really hate myself

@Andrea-RO I’m trying Smiley Sad

How are you?

Re: TW I really really hate myself

I'm glad to hear that @Bananatime04 Smiley Happy you've done a really good job last night and today, so you should be so proud of yourself already. Kicking goals, and it's not even 10:30 yet Smiley Happy

I'm good! Just had a coffee and chilled this morning, I spent way way too long scrolling instagram tho ahahhaha

Re: TW I really really hate myself

@Andrea-RO how am I kicking goals? Why should I be proud of myself?

I’m glad to hear you’re good. Ha my support worker challenged me to try take a break from tiktok and it didn’t work.. um I didn’t even last a day Smiley Sad I’m a failure. She asked me to take a break because it’s triggering sometimes I see self harm related videos, hospital videos, eating disorder videos and people with feeding tubes Smiley Sad it’s sad.

Do you have any fun plans coming up? Sorry I’m really bored and trying to distract myself from wanting to die

Re: TW I really really hate myself

You did a great job of keeping yourself safe last night, which I think should always be congratulated Heart

It's super super tricky to get off social media, so I get what you mean about not being able to take a break. It's especially difficult when all these apps are designed to be as addictive as possible. Is there anyway that you can block the triggering content as it comes up? There might be an option which allows you to stop seeing posts from a particular user, and then that in turn could train the app's algorithm to stop showing you those triggering things

Not much! Just working till about 4ish, and then I'll be hanging with a friend for dinner. We're thinking about playing around with some tarot cards which should be fun Smiley Happy What about you BT, any plans for today?

Re: TW I really really hate myself

@Andrea-RO oh.. Thank you Heart

Yes I could do that but they’re by different users not just one person. I do try block them but usually with the self harm ones I try get rid of it straight away because they’re very visible which is so triggering but the use the excuse of putting TW down the bottom to say it’s okay.. well putting a fucking trigger warning down the bottom doesn’t magically black my eyes out to not see your highly distressing self harm marks before I get a chance to scroll down. Ugh they’re stupid. They say it’s to raise awareness. Well it’s made me very aware that I could be self harming instead of going through tiktok to distract myself from those thoughts. Thanks for bringing back my urges

(I’m not talking about you, sorry I was just having a mini rant)

That’s pretty cool.. are tarot cards those cards that like tell your future or something? Sorry if I’m completely wrong I have no idea what they are.

Today I am really hating myself. I had a shower, I braided my hair, got some nice clothes on, done my makeup and then I just couldn’t even look at myself. I washed it off, took my hair out, got changed into tights and a hoodie and now I’m depressed and I’m a fat, ugly, disgusting, worthless, useless, horrible and a disappointment waste of time and space that shouldn’t have even been born in the first place.

Sorry that felt good

I hope you have a good time with your friend

Re: TW I really really hate myself

Rant away @Bananatime04, honestly I'd be mad too it people were posting that sort of content, and then trying to give it a pass by putting TW down the bottom. It's so so unfair to everyone who uses tiktok as a place to just laugh at memes or see cute stuff, are forced into looking at really distressing content. Maybe one way you could avoid tiktok is by subbing in similar things. Like you could watch a tiktok compilation on YouTube when you feel like watching tiktoks, as I think these are a lot safer when it comes to TW content. 

They are they are! In part telling future, but mostly it's just a good way to reflect on someone the stuff you've been going through, and maybe think about it in a different way. Though I've definitely been called out by a reading (or 8) in the past ahahaha. 

I'm sorry you're feeling that way, I think a lot of us can feel really yuck and down on ourselves when it comes to how we look. I find that a lot of the time it's best to just think about something totally totally different. Have you done any drawing recently?

Re: TW I really really hate myself

@Andrea-RO thank you so much Heart can I ask you something?

I have actually never thought of YouTube compilations before! That is a really good idea.. you have good problem solving skills Smiley Happy

Like maybe they could consider starting the videos blank with ‘TW for self harm’ to give people time to scroll before being triggered to hurt themselves. Tiktok is supposed to be a good place, not a place for someone to use as their place to let everything out in such a horribly selfish and triggering way. But there are some good self harm and mental health accounts.. this guys gives self harm alternative ideas and there’s Jazz and Gen that are really good mental health advocates Smiley Happy I love their videos! Do you know Jazz and Gen? You should watch Jazz’s documentary.. it’s called Jessica’s tree. She’s also got another movie coming out this year called the girl on the bridge.

That sounds quite scary! Haha what did you get called out for? You should tell me how it goes tonight next time you’re online Smiley Happy

I haven’t done much drawing.. I was going to last night after Lost_Space_Explorer5 suggested it but I was too upset. I’ve done a collage though. It’s not very exciting, it’s shit. It was for school. I can post a photo if you want? It’s nothing special though

Re: TW I really really hate myself

Sure @Bananatime04, ask whatever Smiley Happy 

That's actually a fantastic idea! Especially if they had TW: and then also listed what it was triggering of. I always find myself watching videos with trigger warnings, just out of curiosity, so I am sure if you know exactly why it was flagged as a TW you'd be able to account for it better. I've never heard of Jazz and Gen before, but they sound cool! I might give them a watch on my break Smiley Happy 

Oh don't worry it was less scary, and more about being told that I'm being silly, when I already know that I am, lmao. It's like when your mum calls you out for not doing your homework, except instead of your mum it's the universe Smiley LOL


And I'd love to see teh collage! You should definitely post it! What was the theme for it?