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Re: TW Just need someone to talk to...

Naw their eyes are so cute @Taylor-RO!






Re: TW Just need someone to talk to...

@Bananatime04 Lol!

That TikTok is so cute!

Umm... I’m not sure you would call those cute... Smiley Tongue

Your sense of humour isn’t as bad as your laugh! You have a good sense of humour! Ive never heard you laugh, so I cant really compare that to your humour. Smiley Happy

@Taylor-RO Those kitties are adorable! But dogs are definitely my kind of cute.

You guys should watch Tucker Budzyn, which is about a golden retriever dog named tucker, and is human parent puts subtitles on him and everything. It’s hard to explain, but if you watch it, it’ll be all good. It’s both hilarious, and adorable. Smiley Happy

I didn’t really get to rest, I’m just doing a whole lot more.
I managed to get everything done, and a lot more. I was going to do my sound training, but got busy doing something else. I ended up running back and forth between different buildings, helping where I could before church. The Kids Church classrooms needed setting up, so I did those. Then I had to run all the way back to the entrance to do sign-in. The leaders who were rostered on for today hadn’t arrived yet, so I did their jobs for them. Then I had to finish sign-in, and start washing cars. I got pretty overheated. Eventually I sat down and took a break, but I was really dizzy. Then I had to go and audition for the worship team, and have to wait for the outcome of it.

I’m okay now, but I’m even more exhausted than before. So now I have to try and get more sleep...

It’s so hard to do when I have to get up early and stay up late... Smiley Sad

Re: TW Just need someone to talk to...

I get to do the strings program I registered for today! It’s a Strings Orchestra, but because there isn’t a strings program at school, Mum let me do this one after school instead! Shame that I’ll have to hurry to the train station though... Such a long walk, with a heavy bag weighing me down....

Oh well! Just gotta look forward to it!

Re: TW Just need someone to talk to...

Well, I survived today.
My sister and brother had district swimming, and my brother made the next level after districts swimming for his age, in butterfly. I’m so proud of him. I would’ve gone to districts, but I knew I would’ve come last anyway. So I went to school instead, which was good, but I’m so tired.

I nearly fainted while playing sport, because I chose that sport for school. But I was so hot and exhausted, I had to come off the courts to lie down. I honestly wish this health problem would go away. Not to mention that I might have arthritis... so I’m a bit down right now. Smiley Sad

Re: TW Just need someone to talk to...

Hii xXLexi_Lou122Xx , it's good to read that you made it through the day! Heart And congratulations to your brother making it to the next level in swimming, family achievements are definitely a great thing to be proud of. I'm sorry that your health problems are causing you to face problems when playing sports Smiley Sad( I wish you a good health! <3

You also said that you might have arthritis; what sorts of experiences are you having? I'm sorry that it's making you feel down, how are you feeling now?

Best wishes! And I hope you keep on surviving the days to come! <3

Re: TW Just need someone to talk to...

Hey @drpenguin, I suppose. Still tired though.

I'll pass that on to my brother! Smiley Happy

I don't think I'll get the health that I want though... It's like a permanent thing with me... Smiley Sad

I keep getting these pains in my knees and shoulder, (trigger warning, all users!) that are like a knife stabbing my knees or shoulder. It's not fun, but I know it's because of the stairs I go up and down all day everyday. It's so annoying, and I wish it would go away. Sometimes my knees will give way as well, but only occasionally.

I survived today as well, and I will keep surviving. I just need to stay physically and mentally conscious. My health has been making me feel a bit faint everyday... But I know what to do when that happens.

Re: TW Just need someone to talk to...

@xXLexi_Lou122Xx , damn I'm sorry that your health condition seems like a permanent thing at such a young age Smiley Sad Is there anyway that you can avoid going up and down the stairs everyday so you wouldn't have to experience those pains so often?

It must be so exhausting and painful to live through this pain Smiley Sad but from what I've read you're a strong individual who keeps going no matter what! We're also glad that you know what to do when you're feeling faint and we're happy that you are getting through the days and are maintaining your physical and mental conscious. Smiley Very Happy Hope you have better days coming forward <3

Re: TW Just need someone to talk to...

@drpenguin I guess it kinda is permanent, but I could be wrong. I am still pretty young.
I wish I could live without going up and down stairs, but because my classrooms are mainly in the second level of classrooms, I can’t really do much. I could go up and down in the lifts at the train stations, but it’s not ideal when I have to hurry to a train.

Aw, Thank you!❤️ I hope I do too.

Last night was terrible. It was storming a little bit just during dinner. Then it stopped, after 15-20 mins later. It started up again, at like, 11:45 at night, and I couldn’t sleep. My window was wide open, so the sound kept me awake because of how amplified it was. But now I have to get ready for school. So lets see how awake I am to continue learning properly... Smiley Indifferent

Re: TW Just need someone to talk to...

Hey @xXLexi_Lou122Xx 


Just catching up on your posts and wanted to say how much I love this quote of yours. 


"I survived today as well, and I will keep surviving" 


So much perseverance in those words Heart Hope your day at school isn't too tiring for you and that you're able to have a better sleep tonight. 


Re: TW Just need someone to talk to...

@Bre-RO thank you. ❤
I am struggling with sleep and school work, and I want to keep doing violin, but I just don't know how to juggle it all. There's no place to do work on the train, and its hard because there's nowhere to sit, let alone stand.

I'm definitely tired, but I'll get there.
I guess my body is going to start slowing down though, if I don't get my sleep right. And if that happens, I'll probably faint from exhaustion. And who knows when or where that could happen...

But hopefully I'll be able to get down on the ground before anything happens, so I should be fine.